Gay Russian Teen Reportedly Dies After Being Kidnapped, Tortured By Neo-Nazis

russian-neo-nazisAn unidentified gay teen (pictured) who was kidnapped, bullied and tortured by a group of Russian skinheads has reportedly died as a result. According to Eastern European LGBT advocacy group, Spectrum Human Rights Alliance (SHRA), Putin’s government “seems to fully condone” this violence.

Russian neo-Nazis have been luring gay male teens through the social network VK.com only to subject them to a series of humiliations they film and distribute online. Victims have been left traumatized with some committing suicide, but it’s unknown whether this latest victim died from his injuries or if he took his own life.

Groups like Occupy Pedofilyaj claim they are trying to expose pedophiles, despite the fact that all of their targets are teenagers. The Russian government, however, has bought into their dubious altruism. SHRA reports that the authorities referred to Occupy Pedofilyaj as one of the “civil movements fighting the sins of the society.” As a result, no arrests have been made and anyone who speaks out against these actions is subject to threats and harassment.

Unsurprisingly, a recent poll by Pew Research Center found that three out of four Russian citizens felt society should reject gay people. With more and more attention being focused on Russia with the upcoming Sochi Olympics, Putin and his government are going to have to address the violence that the country’s anti-gay laws not only condones, but seemingly encourages. Meanwhile, SHRA is urging concerned people to sign a Change.org petition banning Russia’s homophobic lawmakers from receiving visas and freezing their U.S. bank accounts. A similar petition was launched through the White House’s “We the People” site.

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  • verygraybear

    At the end of WWII General Patton advised Eisenhower to turn on the Russian and wipe their army out while we could.
    And now the kid they tortured is dead.
    Putin should be held personally responsible and we should cut off aid to them. They seem to

  • verygraybear

    The Russians seem to be moving right back to Dachau and Auschwitz and the gas chambers.
    If you don’t like them or disagree then get rid of them.
    I’m ashamed the we are doing so much to prop up this country of barbarians.
    They know who killed this boy. Round them up and hang the in Red Square!

  • Snapper59

    I’d take what is written on the internet with a grain of salt. Yes, this photo is disgusting and what is happening is reprehensible and there have been those who have committed suicide as result of the torment. But come on. You cite one source and they don’t even know his name.

  • Derek Williams

    Incredible that this persecution of the small and harmless LGBT minority, and the attacking and killing of gay teenagers has the full force of Russian government legislative backing and the Russian Orthodox Church.

    I favour moving all international events away from Russia to friendlier shores, specifically the upcoming Winter Olympics. No-one is safe if they are supportive of gay people, and as for gays, they will be arrested and dispatched to the Siberian gulags, with the blessing of all the Russias.

  • Wingfield

    Just terrible… Can you imagine the fear those young men are faced with. America will never be “perfect” but at least as a whole we are progressive and continue to evolve!

  • stfallon1028

    Oh no :(

  • gaymaniac

    Russia is a disgusting cesspool of a country and that can be said about its society as well. To Russian teens: DON’T come out in school and move to the EU after college.

  • Matt G

    The bigger picture here is fascism is coming back in a big way in Eastern Europe and Russia- historically it had been jews that bore the brunt of this kind of scapegoating, but after the Holocaust antisemitism finally got a huge negative social stigma on an international scale. Now it’s LGBT citizens of Russia, Muslim immigrants in parts of Europe, spanish speaking immigrants in the US, etc.

    Basically the recipe is- the ruling class collects power and resources, then when enough of the people that have lost the power/resources feel the pinch a scapegoat is created and now is the source of all society’s ills. You set up a huge all or nothing divide where the ruling class represents all essence of patriotism and goodness and mom and apple pie (or vodka and tetris, I’m not a huge russophile) and your opponent is the avatar of all of society’s ills.

    Eventually a monster is created that can’t be put back in the box and because all decisions are based on tough self-interest and not compassion or mercy….. see nazi germany

  • jeff4justice

    If Edward Snowden were gay do you think Russia would have given him asylum?

  • Polaro

    This is terrible.

  • barkomatic

    The most frustrating part of this atrocity is that the Russians are still just too powerful for the U.S. to effective influence. They still maintain the worlds largest nuclear arsenal and have a formidable army. I think the only thing that can be done is to persuade U.S. companies to stop doing business with and in Russia (fat chance I know).

  • murphy0071

    A total embargo on all Russian goods, the IOC sponsors and their products, and shut down their embassies around the world. Putin is a putz.

  • mezzacanadese

    How are we going to change the mindset of the basic Russian on the street? I wish I knew.

  • Justin

    The picture is not disturbing, he’s got red paint on various parts of his body while holding a dildo.. umm looks like a typical day in West Hollywood to me. I don’t get it. News out of Russia is so sketchy it hard to tell what is real and what is not.

  • Harold

    As horrifying as this is to see in Russia, what about Matthew Shepard? No difference, folks. I did and can happen here in the good old USA.

  • Harold

    @Harold: It did and can….

  • Charli Girl

    C O WA R D S!!! Just wonder if they are feeling macho and tuff? What was accomplished? It doesn’t make him any LESS gay,doesn’t make them any bigger, Zero accomplished. Do they feel like the genital police? Policing everyone’s junk to make sure there is the “correct junk” connecting?

    Do they know how much this makes THEM look like they are angry bc they have “gay dreams”
    ” you just can’t stop stupid” Those cream puffs wouldn’t last a day in a lesbian bar!!!

  • Milk

    Do not forget these two faces. We will hunt them down like any Nazi dogs !

  • nycmattman

    @Snapper59: I understand the skepticism but I dug around and watched some of these horrific videos. It is red paint, but they also cover him in blue paint later on and also pour urine all over him. This is all real. I then found links to a FB-style site for one of the thugs in this video. He has posted other videos of them torturing gay guys. You can see some at http://vk.com/id108649789 but be warned. I was shaking just watching it and I could only watch a few moments. I know that such sensational news can result in crazy rumors and incomplete truths but even if half is true, it’s a horror. I think what we are seeing is very real.

  • James

    Doesn’t anyone realize that condoning and enjoying this kind of behavior means they have homosexual tendencies as well? Hypocritical thinking. They should start torturing and killing themselves, if you ask me.

  • Alfredo

    As fascist as the Republicans. No difference. Puke.

  • taobroin

    These pigs put the scum in scumbags. I’m pushing hard for a boycott of th 2014 Sochi Games and petition the President to Grant LGBT Russians Automatic Refugee Status in the United States — sign the petition now: http://wh.gov/l1Xu1

  • luciferosirisarnold

    I seen much worse in Russia were the people are actually cutting the hands and ears of of people. I do wish Igor (the gay Mafia king)come to the rescue of these people, Blood for Blood.

  • Red_Dragon_888

    Words cannot express my feeling of this situation. My heart goes out to all who are suffering all around the world and I hope such terrible cruelty will end one day.

  • Derek Williams


    I wonder how much longer the Moscow Times will even be free to print sensible opinions like this. Now that homosexuality has been recriminalised by the Russian government, persecution and violent attacks on homosexuals are effectively sanctioned by the state, anti-gay pogroms are popping up everywhere, with the victims of assault being arrested instead of their attackers. Gay teenagers are being lured to parks and beaten up by gangs who unabashedly post pictures of themselves and their victims on social media networks like YouTube and Facebook, with one young boy killed recently. This by the way, is in the name of “protecting children”. Russian police do not investigate bashing murders of gay people, because the Russian state has declared war on people who are born homosexual. The Russian Orthodox Church clergy themselves advocate violence and openly participate in it. They are immune from prosecution, because they see the murder of homosexuals as “God’s work”.

    If the homosexual composer Tchaikowsky were around today, he wouldn’t be alive for long and his music certainly wouldn’t be allowed to be performed. He was after all forced to commit suicide in his day because of his sexuality. The next step will be the removal of his works from all Russian ballet and orchestra performances, then the works of other great Russian artists who happen to be homosexual will be disappeared from Russian libraries.

    Once the Russian state has successfully tested the waters by scapegoating small, powerless and persecuted minorities like LGBT, it will come after the Jews next with the impunity given to it by the Russian people who hate Jews, Gays and other minorities with a passion, and then it’s back to the police state, where this time, the church are the police.

    The Russian government have chosen well when they came after homosexuals, because they know we will never be numerous enough to defend ourselves since we are only 5-10% of the population. Moreover, we are born to heterosexual parents, and so are a perpetually self renewing scapegoatable minority that can be used to blame everything on, from earthquakes to the economy. Thus the Russian government doesn’t need to be accountable to its people, since everything can be always stated to be the fault of the Gays, or the Jews.

    Meanness is not a positive driving force in Evolution, therefore the West needs to separate itself entirely from this vile regime in every way possible until it self destructs, and allow Russia’s LGBT citizens to flee the country as political refugees.

    Boycotts of Russian products are starting, and there’s not a question in my mind that the Winter Olympics should be vacated from Sochi to friendly shores, a country with facilities from previous Olympic hostings. I suggest Greece, a former Olympics host, where the games first began, and which needs the money, and doesn’t have laws against homosexuality.

  • Stache1

    @nycmattman: @nycmattman: @nycmattman: This Misha Krasnov and his crew are dangerous thugs. They’ve found a niche where they can practice their cruel sadism without any kind of penalty. You can tell their really enjoying themselves too. Sick.

  • Josh in OR

    @Harold: The one key difference that makes ALL the difference between the Matthew Shepard murder and this is that THIS has the open approval of the government and the vodka-swilling, potato-fucking common man of the Russian Fascist State.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Vladimir Putin is a step away from being a James Bond villain. Where’s our heroic (preferably gay) 007 to take him down?

  • se8belt

    I wish the American president would drop a bomb on this country. A thought not just any bomb. A bomb that would Destroy their families and leave them blank with without hope to rebuild. I am sick of people fucking with other people. You hurt a child or a person that love in a natural way that is natural to them. I would love to make a trip to Russia with a military grade rifle and take care of these assholes. Trust minds will be changed in Russia when I am through… I have read their history. Russian and nazism. I can handle myself. You fuck with my family you need to be delt with. We need a more stepford world. It makes me cry to know a child kills themselves over peoples foolishness. Were can I sign up for the treadstone program. No matter the new world order will usher this progress in. Watch your back fuckers you have made my list .

  • J.c.

    @Snapper59: There is a “gay” neo Nazi skinhead movement in Russia. Hopefully they will find these fucking cowards and do them in. A civil war is what Russia needs. Putin is just trying to find a scapegoat for his failed policies so like Hitler he has found a minority that he can sick the frustrations of the Russian citizens on. But the skinhead cowards torturing a young boy should be hung in public suare by a mob!

  • Sebizzar

    This makes me want to cry. Just knowing the poor boy(s) had no escape and know they’re going to be dead sooner than later. Horrible. I seriously feel sick thinking about it. I can’t believe the Olympics are even going to be held in such a hell hole.

  • fredhotman

    Putin must be livid to be made into a picture of ridicule in the last few gay parades. A drag queen no less. A new NAZI state has arisen in Russia, where without qualms or fear of opposition gays a persecuted in an disgusting way by perverted “men” who portray their “manly” cowardice by luring young powerless boys to torture them with the connivance & no fear of prosecution from the authorities & churches.
    Boycott Sochi financial loss, prestige loss & loss of face is the only way to go. Assurances by foreign government & IOC are not worth a breath. Russia is still a Stalinist product, Putin was a high secret service functionary & entrapment is speciality.

  • Teleny

    The Russian fascists are targeting gays, people of color and Muslims. It was a different era, but at least the communists did not permit ethnic hate, and would have been likely to not tolerate this kind of horror.

  • Victor_in_PA

    What a disgusting country and vile people. What a perfect place for RepubliKKKans. Russia can have all our teabaggers, (who will fit right in), and we’ll take all there gays. We’ll come out so far ahead! Kinda like how we took all the best Nazi scientists after WWII and left them with wannabes.

  • livinginrussia

    Another example of ignorant and irresponsible reporting spreading more hate.

    Russian are people just like you lot who are saying stupid things – this is a story written by some dickhead with a picture thrown in for good measure to make all you ignorant idiots believe this is true. WAKE UP and get a life. Come and see this country and experience her people first hand you morons.

    I have and it’s nothing like what you read on the internet!!!

  • chuck


  • Derek Williams

    @livinginrussia: Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko has confirmed that gays can only compete if they do not disclose that they are gay. This has been corroborated by the bill’s original author, Vitaly Milanov.

    The only hate that’s being spread is in the anti-homosexual pogroms whipped up by the Russian Orthodox Church, mandated into law by the state. Say all you want, we’ve seen the video footage, and we’ve read the public statements by Russian government officials.

  • dbmyers

    @verygraybear: You discredit yourself by ignoring or being ignorant of history. “The Russians seem to be moving right back to Dachau and Auschwitz and the gas chambers.” Those were the crimes against humanity of the Nazis (Germans – get it?) The Soviets, under Stalin committed plenty of crimes against humanity without you falsely blaming them for Hitler’s crimes. Furthermore, I know of no direct US aid to Russia – so there isn’t any to cut off. Your heart is in the right place, but your facts suck! Educate yourself on history before blathering on the internet.

  • dbmyers

    @Snapper59: You seem to want to stick your head in the sand, plug your ears, eyes, and mouth and say “see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil”. Yet evil is about and it is occurring in Russia. This is not conjecture. Those bigots are bragging about it. Wake up! Fascism is coming to Russia.

  • dbmyers

    @Matt G: Exactly right. Bravo for you sir.

  • dbmyers

    @Justin: You must be a homophobe if you deny that evil is afoot in Russia under Putin. They tried authoritarian communism (as opposed to democratic communism) now they are turning to fascism. Wake up.

  • dbmyers

    @Harold: Big difference. In the US the President and at least one political party (guess which) are speaking out against bullying, bigotry, and homophobia. In Russia, fascist Putin is condoning and supporting all of them.

  • dbmyers

    @Alfredo: “As some republicans.” Not all. Unfortunately the fascist theocratic right-wing fundamentalist tea partiers are calling the shots in today’s republican party. America’s greatest President, Abraham Lincoln would be deeply chagrined and embarrassed by what has become to his once great party. Lincoln would not be a republican today.

  • Shortsfreak

    As a gay man living in Scotland which was
    pretty repressed until a few decades ago!, I know what its like to be ‘different!’

    How do the Russians get away with this kind of behaviour in 2013? Its incredible that there is not more support from other countries to abolish this kind of persecution.

    Somebody needs to sort out Putin and his bizarre ideas for governing a so called civilised

    I had been thinking of visiting Moscow and St Petes as Ive always wanted to see these beautiful cities but there is absolutely no way I will go now.

    We should embargo all gay travel and not endorse any Russian products.

    I am appalled and disgusted.

  • Shortsfreak

    sorry I also meant to say say the the PR photos of Putin dressed in various disguises as MACHO MAN are hilarious
    Have you ever seen anything so homo erotic!!
    what a disillusioned fool!
    His PR machine is totally dysfunctional!

  • dbmyers

    @nycmattman: Thank you for posting that link, I think. You are right it is a horror story. These criminal fascists are quite simply murderers and thugs. Where are the “Inglorious Bastards” when we need them? This is truly terrible and anyone who tries to stick their head in the sand and deny it are no less guilty than the “good Germans” who did nothing while Hitler imprisoned, tortured, and murdered any and all who were not regarded as being of the “pure Aryan race”. Disgusting and horrific.

  • carob

    @Justin: If it isn’t disturbing to you it is because you haven’t seen the uncensored version which shows the expression on the boy’s face, tears and all. Didn’t look like a a party to me.

  • carob

    @Josh in OR: “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Vladimir Putin is a step away from being a James Bond villain. Where’s our heroic (preferably gay) 007 to take him down?”

    He is in Skyfall, the most homophobic James Bond film made so far.

  • Teleny

    Who would have imagined that 20+ years of capitslism and freedom of religion in Russia would put Stalinism in a more favorable light?

  • shaun

    Luring TEENS, they to fucken useless to take on real Men. You bunch of Wankers. Rot in HELL you piece of Shit

  • Patrickintx

    @Snapper59: Well Mr. Downplay the negative press. You are in the dark on this I take it. Not exactly in the dark ages as our Russian counter parts, but too close for most Americans. The reason no name was given is that they will become a target, and just this article alone is enough to get a Russian locked up for spreading “gay propaganda” in Russia. Prominent Russians are leaving Russia now silly. This is not the only source stating this common occurrence in Russia. Please before you just dispute something RESEARCH a little. People are being killed and you downplay it. Really that does not make you as bad but it makes you much more closer to it than most.

  • Patrickintx

    Personally I don’t think that dildo is big enough for those fully grown men. Being that they are neo-NAZIs too boot they really need a big black one! Oh I am sure it won’t make them gay, but it will make them buy their g/ a big dildo and it will really calm them down! Oh my maybe a NAZI fisting video????

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