This Gay Sanders Delegate Isn’t 100 Percent On Board With Hillary Yet… But Never Say Never


The Democratic National Convention is moving along, more or less, and now Breitbart has found a gay guy with a goofy hat to talk about why he’s reluctant to support Hillary. Check out the short video interview, which is surprisingly sensible considering who recorded it:

The headline on the video is a little dumb: “Gay Sanders Delegate from CA Explains Why He’s ‘Never Hillary’” but that’s not exactly what the guy says.

In the interview, he points out that even though we have gay marriage now, there are plenty of other issues left to address: “you could be fired from your job, you could lose your housing, you could be denied the right to go to various businesses for services.”

He also emphasizes that Bernie and his supporters aren’t giving up.

“I don’t believe he’s conceded — or at least conceded in terms of this progressive movement, which I will continue to move along with as well as others in this party.”

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Still, he never says that he won’t vote for Hillary, just that she hasn’t done as much as Bernie. And that’s an interesting observation — maybe he’s right, maybe Hillary hasn’t proven herself. All she’s done is declare that “gay rights are human rights” as Secretary of State.

Oh, and she also launched a Global Equality Fund to promote international LGBT equality.

Then there were the times she voted against banning gay marriage, voted for nondiscrimination protection in the workplace, voted against gay adoption bans, and implemented hate crime legislation.

Also, she passed the UN’s first ever LGBT human rights resolution. And made it easier for trans people to get passports. And was the first First Lady ever to march in a Pride parade.

But whatever. Bernie would probably have been a good president for LGBTQs as well. But he’s not running anymore, so oh well! At this point there are two ways the election can go. One on your choices has done stuff for gays, and the other hasn’t. Tough choice!

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