Prosecution Digs Into Anthony Fortunato

“Gay” Sandy Killer “Regretful”

Prosecutors grilled accused killer Anthony Fortunato yesterday. Fortunato and his chums John Fox and Ilya Shurov are on trial for their role in Michael Sandy’s death last year.

The boys allegedly used the internet to lure Sandy to the Beltway Parkway, where the attempted to rob him. Fearing for his life, 29-year old Sandy ran into traffic, where an unidentified car hit him. He died less than a week later.

Fortunato’s defense has relied on his reported homosexuality, which they hope will clear hate crime charges. Just yesterday we heard from a number of his gay tricks. Fortunato certainly wasn’t feeling gay when Prosecutor’s asked him to confirm his involvement in Sandy’s death. Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi pushed, “And you were lucky enough to have Mr. Sandy come back online and make a sexual overture?”.

“There was nothing lucky about it,” replied Fortunato.

Nicolazzi snapped, “That’s clear”.

After the severe line of questioning, 21-year old Fortunato expressed regret for his part in the attack: “It escalated into a forceful scenario. I tried to see what was going on and walked away. To this day I regret that I had to.” And so you should, homie.