Gay Seamen Out (Yes, Again)

The United States Navy just can’t get it straight. First they discharge Jason Knight for being gay, then they inadvertently invite him back, then they boot him again, leave open the chance for Reserve work and now they’ve banned for the “final” time! Stars and Stripes reports:

Navy officials said Friday that a third set of discharge papers – this time noting “homosexual conduct” and barring any recall to service – have been issued for Petty Officer 2nd Class Jason Knight.

Though privacy rules forbid the Navy from releasing the documents, officials said a recall code of RE-4 was listed and that the papers effectively end any possibility of future service.

As of Friday, Knight said he had not received the DD-214 discharge papers, but was not surprised they were reissued.

That poor fucking kid. All he wants is to serve his country and his country keeps playing with his emotions. We guess all really is fair in love and war…