Resurrects Decade Old Scandal In Hopes Of Landing Deal, Dough

Gay Seeks Yankee “Tell-All”

Paul Priore‘s hoping for a grand slam. The former Yankees club house attendant sent out a call for a ghost write to help pen a gay “tell all” about his experience with the New York baseball club.

Priore first grabbed headlines way back in 1998, when he accused the club of firing him for being gay. The club, of course, denied the allegation, calling Priore a thief who snatched club house belongings. “Not so,” said Priore, who also claims teammates called him a “faggot,” then-pitcher tried to make him blow him. What’s more, Priore offers up a bit more fantasy-ready allegations: Derek Jeter and starting catcher Jorge Padosa got steamy in the team steam room before a Mariah Carey concert.

As if the alleged dick sucking isn’t enough, it happened before a Mariah Carey show? That’s so gay.

Lower courts ruled in Priore’s favor, but the New York Supreme Court believed the Yank’s tale: Priore stole from the locker room, thus precipitating his sacking. Now Priore’s dusting the scandal off and trying to organize a book, according to Deadspin, who came across Priore’s craigslist plea:

I have many fascinating “insider” stories to tell about the New York Yankees, some of which are rather seamy. I would like to find an experienced co-writer to work with me on an explosive, “tell-all” book about my experiences at the New York Yankees, which will include detailed and vivid descriptions of the many things that I witnessed, overheard, or was otherwise privy to, during the time period that I worked for my father or directly for the team. The right candidate needs to have major literary contacts, and cannot be afraid of participating in what is bound to be an extremely explosive and controversial book.

Initially, the co-writer’s participation in the book project is “on spec.” If the project is sold, the split on advances and royalties will be 50-50. The split on all future income or net profit generated by projects and activities that are based on the book, such as television programs, movies, personal appearances, speaking engagements, and merchandising will also be 50-50.

Merchandising? What does Priore think he’s going to get, action figures or something?

In addition to the harassment charges, Priore also alleges someone killed his 21-year old boyfriend, Guillermo Sanchez.

After the case was overturned, Priore seemed to drop out of sight until December 2003 when his lover Guillermo Sanchez, a 21-year-old gay Mexican immigrant, was found hanging by a scarf from a tree in New York’s Flushing Meadows Park.

The Medical Examiner’s Office ruled his death a suicide, but his boyfriend, Priore, who worked as a park advocate, suspected there was foul play in the incident.

There was allegedly a letter found on Sanchez’s body written to the attorney for Paul Williams, who was the current grounds keeper at Yankee stadium.

Williams had filed a lawsuit against pitcher Jeff Nelson who had beaten him up during a brawl in the bullpen earlier that year.

Details of the letter were not revealed, but Priore seemed to think that the evidence in the letter would have shed some light on William’s case against Nelson and to keep the information from getting out, Sanchez was killed.

The entire situation sounds like something out of Dynasty, only more impossible.

If you’re interested in reading more about this sensational story, check out some court transcripts. They’re juicy.

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  • Paul Priore

    Re: NYC City Councilmember/Council Speaker Christine Quinn:
    I have known Christine Quinn for several years and she is currently the front runner to be the next Mayor of the city of New York in 2013.
    I strongly disagree that Miss. Quinn has what it takes to be the next mayor of the New York City, how can we trust and expect her to run the city of New York as Mayor if she can’t even control her councilmembers from getting in to trouble, she has a tendency to look the other way when it involves her councilmembers.
    Miss. Quinn also has a tendency to make empty promises and give false hopes to people in need., she really talks out of ass.
    Some of her current councilmembers have been involved with stealing discretionary funds for their own personal use and have either been found to be guilty and who are currently in jails, she has also distributed those funds to fictions organizations.
    Miss. Quinn’s track records for overturning the will of the people by allowing certain elective officials to continue running for the same office when the voters have spoken about term limits
    Miss. Quinn’s platform was to clean up City Hall, but to date has done nothing to keep her word; she is too involved with making a name for herself and rubbing shoulders with business people, the very same people who are ripping off taxpayers every single day.
    Miss. Quinn has stated several times that she was going to put a stop to the member items and pork slush funds but today hasn’t done a damn thing about it, she continues to align herself with corrupted, unscrupulous people and then there was her promise to protect each and every voter and give everyone a say in policies, but I guess that changed, because when she decided to push down the throats of the voters by forcing Gay Marriage, she has violated her trust and her duties, Miss. Quinn says that everyone has a say but when it involves something that efforts, her, then everyone else has no say in anything.
    Miss. Quinn has violated the trust of the Gay Community and the voting public, she say one thing but does another, Miss. Quinn can’t be trusted with anything, she is nothing more than a lying, two face career polician, whose only concern is for herself and her image.
    If the people of the New York City are smart, they would not cast their vote for Christine Quinn, but rather for someone else who they can control to make sure that those people put in office will actually do what the voting public wants and needs, Miss. Quinn is nothing more than a pathological liar like the rest of all the other elective officials , I have only met two elective officials who actually have the voting people’s interest at heart, unlike Miss. Quinn who has been known to flip-flop on everything she says.
    I can personal tell you that she has made me empty promises and false hope when she said she was going to help me when I had my lawsuit against the New York Yankees, the very same organization that Miss. Quinn has sucked up to for money and tickets.
    Don’t vote for Christine Quinn for mayor, you will be making the biggest mistake of your lives.
    These are my own personal opinions and beliefs from seeing Miss. Quinn in action.
    Thank You.
    Paul Priore

  • Paul Priore

    To all concerned about the Greg Kelly rape case, you are automatically doubting the victim without any proof whatsoever about whether or not she is telling the truth, I know for a fact that Commissioner Kelly and his NYPD don’t always follow through with serious cases that include high profile celebrity, so instead of judging the victims without true facts, let’s just wait and see what happens and whether or not Commissioner Kelly and DA Vance will do the right thing and do a though investigation in to Commissioner Kelly’s son involvement.
    I don’t think she is making up anything, I just think she was scared because Greg Kelly is the Commissioner of the NYPD son and she probably thought no one would believe because of that, I know all too well what it’s like not to have anyone believe you when you are attacked, because I too went through a similar experience and everyone refused to do the right thing and do a proper investigation in my situation, so what I am saying is I standby the victim until otherwise proving and all of you should do the same.
    These are my own personal opinions and beliefs based on what I had experienced myself.
    Thank You.
    Paul Priore

  • Paul Priore

    Re: New York Yankees General Manager:
    Brian Cashman is nothing more then a contemptuous little weasel, who has no boundaries, morals or scruples whatsoever.
    His wife did the smartest thing by filing divorce.
    Brian two publicized infidelities are the tip of the ice burg.
    Brian is pathological in ever way, shape or form.
    I have known Brian and his duplicities for years and I can’t begin to start by telling you about this miscreant little nim.
    You should continue to dig for dirt on him, because Brian is not what he appears to be.

  • Paul Priore

    The Book of the Century
    Greetings from New York City, one and all!

    The Book of the Century is finally here!

    My name is Paul Priore, and I am one of the two coauthors of a controversial tell-all book about my life and experiences working for the New York Yankees.

    Part of the book describes the homophobia at the New York Yankees, and the abuse that I suffered at the hands of several ballplayers and managerial employees.

    The book is titled “Abused by the New York Yankees.”

    The link to the book’s website is

    It’s a great read and well worth purchasing.

    Gary Toushek, who is my coauthor, and I proudly self-published it.

    If you choose to purchase it and read it, I’m so sure you will enjoy learning the unbelievable details about my behind the scenes life at the New York Yankees.

    The book contains a detailed, factual presentation of numerous shocking events.

    It is 100% true — I willingly submitted to a voice stress analyzer test, and passed with flying colors.

    I hope you will consider purchasing the book.

    But whether you do or not, I invite you to visit the book’s Facebook page, and give it a “like.”

    Thank you in advance for your anticipated interest.


    Paul Priore
    Former New York Yankees Clubhouse Attendant

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