Resurrects Decade Old Scandal In Hopes Of Landing Deal, Dough

Gay Seeks Yankee “Tell-All”

Paul Priore‘s hoping for a grand slam. The former Yankees club house attendant sent out a call for a ghost write to help pen a gay “tell all” about his experience with the New York baseball club.

Priore first grabbed headlines way back in 1998, when he accused the club of firing him for being gay. The club, of course, denied the allegation, calling Priore a thief who snatched club house belongings. “Not so,” said Priore, who also claims teammates called him a “faggot,” then-pitcher tried to make him blow him. What’s more, Priore offers up a bit more fantasy-ready allegations: Derek Jeter and starting catcher Jorge Padosa got steamy in the team steam room before a Mariah Carey concert.

As if the alleged dick sucking isn’t enough, it happened before a Mariah Carey show? That’s so gay.

Lower courts ruled in Priore’s favor, but the New York Supreme Court believed the Yank’s tale: Priore stole from the locker room, thus precipitating his sacking. Now Priore’s dusting the scandal off and trying to organize a book, according to Deadspin, who came across Priore’s craigslist plea:

I have many fascinating “insider” stories to tell about the New York Yankees, some of which are rather seamy. I would like to find an experienced co-writer to work with me on an explosive, “tell-all” book about my experiences at the New York Yankees, which will include detailed and vivid descriptions of the many things that I witnessed, overheard, or was otherwise privy to, during the time period that I worked for my father or directly for the team. The right candidate needs to have major literary contacts, and cannot be afraid of participating in what is bound to be an extremely explosive and controversial book.

Initially, the co-writer’s participation in the book project is “on spec.” If the project is sold, the split on advances and royalties will be 50-50. The split on all future income or net profit generated by projects and activities that are based on the book, such as television programs, movies, personal appearances, speaking engagements, and merchandising will also be 50-50.

Merchandising? What does Priore think he’s going to get, action figures or something?

In addition to the harassment charges, Priore also alleges someone killed his 21-year old boyfriend, Guillermo Sanchez.

After the case was overturned, Priore seemed to drop out of sight until December 2003 when his lover Guillermo Sanchez, a 21-year-old gay Mexican immigrant, was found hanging by a scarf from a tree in New York’s Flushing Meadows Park.

The Medical Examiner’s Office ruled his death a suicide, but his boyfriend, Priore, who worked as a park advocate, suspected there was foul play in the incident.

There was allegedly a letter found on Sanchez’s body written to the attorney for Paul Williams, who was the current grounds keeper at Yankee stadium.

Williams had filed a lawsuit against pitcher Jeff Nelson who had beaten him up during a brawl in the bullpen earlier that year.

Details of the letter were not revealed, but Priore seemed to think that the evidence in the letter would have shed some light on William’s case against Nelson and to keep the information from getting out, Sanchez was killed.

The entire situation sounds like something out of Dynasty, only more impossible.

If you’re interested in reading more about this sensational story, check out some court transcripts. They’re juicy.