Gay Serial Killer Gets Life Eight Times Over

Ronald Dominique has plenty of time – and blood – on his hands.

A judge yesterday sentenced the Louisianian to eight consecutive life sentences for raping and murdering a number of men. Dominique previously confessed to killing nearly two dozen, but only pleaded guilty to killing eight. And his tactics were especially sick:

…Dominique lured his victims with the promise of sex in exchange for money, or by showing them a picture of a good-looking woman, supposedly his wife, and saying he wanted them to have sex with her.

Once he got them to his house, he would ask to tie them up.

If they refused, he allowed them to leave. If they agreed, he raped and then strangled or suffocated them.

Many of his victims’ bodies were found dumped in sugar cane fields, often without shoes, a connection that helped police tie the cases together.

Dominique’s killing spree went on for ten years. You can be sure he’ll be included in the next installment of Cold Bitches…