Gay SF Mayor Hopeful Bevan Dufty’s Secret Weapon: Obama’s Biggest Gay Critic Steve Hildebrand


With San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom hoping to take over the governor’s mansion, it leaves open what’s become a high profile political gig … though it helped Newsom has boyish good looks and loved the gays. Enter Bevan Dufty, San Francisco’s big gay City Supervisor, who wants the job — and will be running in 2012, by which Newsom, whether via new job or term limits, will vacate. If elected, he’d be America’s gayest city’s first gay mayor. But the most important news, from a strategic perspective, is Dufty’s new hire: Steve Hildebrand, the former Obama campaign aide who’s been on a rampage against the president. Hildebrand comes on as a “campaign adviser” and won’t manage Dufty’s day-to-day. Interesting, because wasn’t Hildebrand just saying how he was going to quit supporting individual candidates?

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