It's Fruitless, But It Won't Kill You

Gay Shift For Mormons

There’s something queer happening in the Church of Latter-Day Saints. After decades of decrying the sins of homosexuality, the Mormon church seems to be experiencing a leftward lavender slide.

In a piece over at Merrill Report, Sarah McMann tells the story of a man named Lester Leavitt, who found himself excommunicated after admitting same-sex attractions. Six months later, however, the church unexpectedly welcomed Leavitt back into their fold.

The big change came after the religion, which many see as a fringe cult, rather than an organized faith council, issued the God Loveth His Children.

Citing the scripture, the church insists that God adores all of “His children,” but still leaves open the possibility of conversion. It does not, however, prescribe reparative measures, nor does it allow for carnal transgressions:

The Book of Mormon prophet Nephi voiced feelings we all have when he acknowledged that he did not “know the meaning of all things.” But he testified, “I know that [God] loveth his children”.

In some circumstances a person defers marriage because he or she is not presently attracted to a member of the opposite gender. While many Latter-day Saints, through individual effort, the exercise of faith, and reliance upon the enabling power of the Atonement, overcome same-gender attraction in mortality, others may not be free of this challenge in this life.

In order to qualify for the blessings of our Heavenly Father’s plan, each of us was sent to this earth for a period of probation, during which we face a variety of temptations and challenges. Some of these challenges are associated with our physical bodies. Because we did not possess physical bodies before this life, we must learn to live with their inadequacies and interpret their signals, urges, and needs. And we must often learn to say “no.”… The desire for physical gratification does not authorize immorality by anyone.

Sexual desires, the paper says, can be overcome with other emotional bonds. And, of course, prayer. Even still, the ideal situation comes when a man cums into his wife and creates a child. No matter what happens, that will still be the prime objective of the religion. Mormon professor Katherine Flake paraphrases the religion’s overarching ideology:

[If you’re gay] know that a homosexual relationship is not God’s plan for you. God’s plan is that we come to earth to be like God. By the grace of God, that means getting married and having children with a member of the opposite sex. It means engendering life, because that’s what God is all about.

Sure, it sounds good in theory, but then you’ve got all those kids running around. We’re going to stick with what we know won’t yield us any guppies, thanks.

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  • hisurfer

    Was Nephi the stoner-angel? The third paragraph totally sounds like what I hear from all the new age feral children on Maui.

    If we existed before this physical life then procreation can’t actually “engender” life. Let the professor know that she just needs to take one more small baby step to conclude that sex isn’t just about makin’ babies.

  • sorcererdale

    “…we come to earth to be like God.” How do we know God isn’t gay! He hung out with 12 guys, never married or had kids, unlike what is said that we are here to do.

    This website shows a different view of God; and be sure to click on the “billboard” images.


  • Dawster

    you know… they still believe that sex (a biological function for pro-creation) was the original sin, they think the story of Adam and Eve is real, that dinosaurs were destroyed in the great flood, the native American Indians were descendants of the apostles, and that Joe Smith used the ancient Hebrew stones of the Urim and Thummim to “translate” the book of Mormon… a task that is impossible as the Urim and Thummim were given to the Hebrews for ‘yes/no’ answers only.

    they believe that jesus walked about in the midwestern United States, magic underwear, tithing (part of the old jewish law and resurrected for financial gain), god has a physical body, can get married and have children, and that black people are descended from the cursed son of Noah (Ham).

    their views on homosexuality are kinda the least of their problems.

  • Four Winds

    It’s just best to assume the Mormons you meet are crazy.

  • flightoftheseabird

    And Joseph Smith was most like addicted to opiates. As part of the translation of the Book Of Mormon, he went on about the talking crickets. That was left out in the final version.

    Oh and Mitt Romney’s great great grandfather probably ordered the murder of nearly 200 emigrant men, women, and children in central UT during what is called the Meadow Mtn Massacre on 9/11/1857.

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    The prominent leaders who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is of course, Mitt Romney, and in the Senate, aside from the senior and junior senator from UT, is the majority leader, Senator Reid of Nevada.

    Of course, John Huntsman and the Marriott founder and CEO who courteously provides all his guests with the Bible according to the LDS faith, and the Book of Mormon with Doctrine and Covenants and Pearls of Great Price.

  • matt123

    Maybe a strait later. But gay now. I have many gay friends on Contact us.

  • dfrw

    They’re still talking about nothing of substance, nothing real, nothing empirical. I don’t understand why people spend so much of their energies worrying about such things.

  • Mexjewel

    So procreation is a marriage requirement. Then men with vasectomies and barren women cannot get married. And unbearable seniors must divorce. Remember that Jesus defines sin as lack of love (Matthew 22:36-40). What is unloving about a couple in a homosexual love relationships? Neither is victim, neither is unloved.

  • SJ Bobkins

    The LDS Church doesn’t believe in any type of original sin. Dawster you’re missing the point and showing your ignorance.
    What the Church is doing is separating themselves from the Leviticus-Evangelistic-God’s word every word correct, model of Christianity.
    The Mormons have never had the position that the Bible is either error free or that it contains God’s words, but the words of man, hopefully inspired by God.
    This is a baby step, but important nevertheless. What you do in your bedroom is your own concern.

  • Dawster

    actually they do believe that sex was the original sin, and why Adam and Eve were cursed to the earth… or whatever.

    I, as a former Jehovah’s Witness, have argued with people from almost every religion on their doorstep at one time or another… LOL.

    but mormonism came up after my “enlightenment” (a.k.a., doing some studies in religious history… and learning that i like to suck dick) and the topic came up in conversation again when a mormon and his wife sat next to me on a flight to New York. I documented the conversation if you’re interested, but the idea of ‘original sin’ came up again.

    yes, the TERM “original sin” was rejected… but the IDEA that Adam made bad choices that lead to sin was still there.

    it was the same animal, but they are using linguistics to make it “different”… which it really isn’t (Jehovah’s Witnesses do that too). LDS have lately overlaid symbolism to the creation story but still hold it to be literal. it’s such a circle of mess and want, not knowledge or facts.

    but honestly, it’s all the same. call it whatever you want, go into detail about what separates one religion from the other, but in the end, it’s all based off of stolen Mesopotamian folklore.

  • JD

    wow,, you guys,, babel babel babel,, wait, wasn’t there a story in the bible about babbling on and getting destroyed or something… humn… we all know in the pit of our gut that the earth was created by aliens we refer to as god anyway,, just cause they fought over laws and restitution after breaking said laws (known as the apple), doesn’t mean we can’t get along… I still love God (Our Father from another Planet)- and I still love all you too… Lets just find a way to exist on this planet first… And be great full that some churches are excepting of ideas previously viewed as hog-wash and evil… — small steps people… small steps can lead us to leaps and bounds in the future… trust me– you’ll know when to jump…

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