Gay Short Film Fest Wide Open

Hey, movie-making homos! We’ve got some great news for you – the Online Short Film Festival opened its virtual doors to your myriad masterpieces.

Some details: “Entry is free up until July 29, then it’s about fifteen bucks until entries close August 29. Every short that’s entered is screened on the site until finalists are announced mid September, and last year the festival attracted over a quarter of a million page views, so it’s a good chance to get your work out there.” Indeed!

Above you see Jim Cashman’s “Dinner Conversation,” which won last year’s top prize.

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  • CitizenGeek

    Wow, Dinner Conversation is ace!

  • Alacer

    The second place winner gets a years subscription to!?!?! what the hell is that? that is so tasteless and inappropriate. I love porn. I’m not gonna lie but to give that as a prize for a film festival is just sad, seriously.

  • special orders for gays

    i can’t make movies, but with contests like this i may just start!

  • hell4leather

    Alacer (Comment No.2), I have a simple solution to your irritation: when I see a competition that has prizes that don’t interest me or that I don’t find appropriate, I don’t enter that competition – try that out, it works for me every time.

  • crazylove

    he’s right that the prizes suck. this seems like a ponzie scheme. enter our contest , blah, blah blah

  • CitizenGeek

    I agree with Alacer. Offering a porn subscription as a prize completely undermines the artistic nature of this competition and just puts a seedy and unsavoury spin on what’s supposed to be a celebration of short films. Bad move.

  • spunkbox

    I find porn shocking and rude, and if you don’t believe me, visit my blog.

  • Alacer

    thank you! sheesh. talk about cultural atrophy not to mention a total lack of integrity.

  • hell4leather

    Um, Alacer if you had a look at the What To Enter section of the site you’d have seen that soft core erotica is acceptable for entry and if you looked at the site running the competition overall you’d notice that it features numerous reviews of gay porn films, interviews with gay porn stars and is supported by hard core gay porn advertising.

    How then is a sponsorship with a porn site affecting this particular festival’s integrity?

    This isn’t the Celebrate Jesus Online Film Festival, you drip, and as for cultural atrophy re: gay film making, ever seen Eating Out 2 or Another Gay Movie?

    Go stare at a stone for ten minutes or something equally tuned to your forever-in-handbrake mentality. The festival is what it is, and I think it’s fairly cool, though personally, not being a filmmaker, it doesn’t have any real interest for me.

  • ImGaySpankMe

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