Gay Smear In Grace?

It’s true what they say – everyone’s a critic! New York based art dealer Sam Green says he’s considering a lawsuit after being depicted as a bit bent in director Tom Kalin’s new flick, Savage Grace. The movie, which tells the tale of heiress Barbara Baekeland and her murderous, incestuous lover son, Tony, shows a scene in which “Green” and Tony – played by Hugh Dancy and Eddie Redmayne – get down and dirty. And Green’s not pleased.

[Green] told Page Six the R-rated flick, which opened in limited release last month, depicts him having a homosexual romp with Tony, who often brought young men home for sex.

“I never went to bed with the son. I had an affair with the mother, but they made the rest up,” Green fumed.

Green told us he has no problem being depicted as one of the many characters who hung around the Baekelands. But a scene in which he and Tony have sex simply never happened, he insists.

Green and his lawyer are now considering a defamation suit. Savage Grace‘s producers, however, says the movie comes with a disclaimer saying some characters are “composites,” the easiest of easy outs! (And, quite frankly, good – we can’t stand when people get twisted about being thought gay.)

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