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Gay soap star walks back engagement announcement after confusing everyone on Twitter

Actor Daniel Brocklebank left many people scratching their heads when he announced his “engagement” to another man over the weekend.

The beloved actor plays gay vicar Billy Mayhew on the hit U.K. soap opera Coronation Street. Yesterday, he tweeted a picture of his left hand with an engagement ring along with the caption, “Looks like he’s put a ring on it…”

Exciting, right?!

Except that Brocklebank wasn’t talking about his own engagement. He was talking about his character’s engagement to his boyfriend Todd Grimshaw. Some fans didn’t know this, however, and so they began tweeting their congratulations to the actor and his non-existent fiancee.

Eventually, the openly gay 41-year-old had to clarify that, um, actually he wasn’t talking about himself. But… thanks anyway?

He also posted a clarification to his Instagram Stories, saying, “For those lovingly congratulating me on my engagement… It’s my character in @coronationstreet, not me.”


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