“Gay” Soldier On His Way Out?

American soldier Christopher Mastromarino may find his army career coming to an end. As we reported earlier this month, a court martial found Mastromarino guilty of assault. Those charges, Mastromarino claims, were fabricated because his army colleagues concluded he’s a queer.

In an effort to curb the conviction, which would effectively destroy Mastromarino’s plans of serving his country indefinitely, Servicemembers Legal Defense Network sent a plea to Mastromarino’s superiors. And, as can be expected, those honchos weren’t having it.

According to information obtained by SLDN, Chris’s command simply signed off on his conviction without reading pleas from SLDN, Congressman Hoyer or Senator Mikulski to consider the shaky nature of the evidence against him. There is no indication that Major General Rowe – who signed off on the conviction along with a stack of other paperwork – even glimpsed or gave thought to the arguments in Chris’s favor. Instead, he seems to have gone along with a clearly anti-gay fishing expedition that is being used to fire a soldier who others believe is gay.

According to The Frontlines, there’s still a chance Mastromarino will get off, but it’s not looking likely.