“Gay” Soldier Targeted, Tried?

While Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell can be used against gay soldiers, it can also be used to protect them. If a gay soldier doesn’t tell, no one should ask. Unfortunately, it seems the military may not always follow its own rules when it comes to known or suspected gay military men.

A court martial found PFC Christopher Mastromarino guilty of assault last month, but Mastromarino claims supervisors targeted him because they think he’s gay.

…The Maryland native told PageOneQ during a recent interview that he is innocent of the charges. And that the prosecution’s case was filled with conflicting testimony, here-say [sic] and rumors, and a questionable timeline.

In addition, according to sworn testimony during the trial, two prosecution witnesses said that they did not consider the physical contact between themselves and Mastromarino to be an assault, although the command chose to bring those charges forward against him.

Mastromarino claims the verbal and emotional abuse started almost as soon as he enrolled. His superiors were gunning for him from day one.