Gay Speak


Remember Gay Speak, our serial ode to the words lobbed so generously at or by gay people, to or about gay people? We sure do. It’s like a burning flame in our already flaming hearts. How can we not adore the flippant series of postings that brought us lingual jewels such as rump wrangler, chutney ferret – a phrase that’s wrong on so many levels – pole smoker and the rest?

Jim (whoever you are), you amazed us with a venerable triumverate of offerings: sperm burper (still gross), sword swallower, and pillow biter. You’re a hungry one, aren’t ya?

But, we digress.

The point is that Gay Speak is back! We expect you to blow your colloquial load all over the show. We know you sickos have some new ones for us, so let’s hear ’em. And to up the ante, whomever we deem has the most inappropriate, obscenely funny word, phrase, or action will win a very special prize of an indeterminate nature.

For those whose psyches haven’t been totally warped by the classic gay speak, click the tag to catch up. Once you’ve done that, jump in and join the fun!