Gay Speak: The (Almost) Finale


Alright lads and lassies, we have to say we’re a little disappointed in your tackling of the weekend assignment of coming up with more words/phrases for Gay Speak. Only six of you contributed (thanks, peeps), and we like to think that there are more than six people reading this site.

The winner will be announced on Friday, so you’ve got one more chance to let your lingual talents shine. There have been some really great contributions. Most recently we’ve been taken by Christopher’s “friend’s” slang for a butthole: rusty sheriff’s badge – a term we find quite fitting, actually. Another astonishing addition comes from Nick, who offered crack snacker for the ladies. It’s actually rather unisex, if you think about it.

Meanwhile, the cum gutters vs. cum canals slang war for abs made us a little bit sick and a little bit horny, but that’s beside the point. The point is that there’s a winner out there, and it may be you, but only if you add something.

Gay Speak now of forever hold your peace, because when this go ’round is done, gay speak’s dead. Yeah, you heard right: dead. The winner will be announced Friday. Winner of what? Well, that’s a surprise/mystery.

If you’ve missed out on Gay Speak, do a little research and get in the game, mofo: Gay Speak Archive