The gay Spider-Man of our dreams was just announced and we can’t wait

Art by Kris Anka

You’ve heard of the Huntsman spider? Well, get ready for the hunty spider.

After years of speculation and fan theories, the announcement of a new gay Spider-Man has queer fans of the web-slinger rejoicing.

The Spider-Man character makes his friend of Dorothy debut as “Web-Weaver”, a gay fashion designer fighting crime in a McQueen-inspired, lash-laden supersuit:

Spider-Man has had a choke-hold on the gay community for decades. Even before heartthrob actors started bring the hero to the big screen, the lythe, lycra-clad lad with nothing but quippy one-liners and a cool $3 in his bank account has been a queer crowd favorite.

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It’s not just the audience that has felt the fruit apparent in the Spider-Man universe — actors on Spider-Man film sets are constantly in favor of their characters to make queer turns.

Andrew Garfield famously wanted to get Michael B. Jordan to be his M.J., Tom Holland said “of course” Spider-Man could be gay, and Marisa Tomei pushed for her “Aunt May” character to have a girlfriend.

Even while shooting their latest MCU installment Spider-Man: No Way Home, which featured all three major Spider-Man players, Garfield revealed that the actors had “compared bulges” in their suits. There’s just something about this hero that makes people feel the fantasy!

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While we may not get a queer Spider-Man out of Sony or Marvel Studios any time soon (a leaked document stated he is, contractually, to be straight and white), comic fans will get to enjoy their gay Spidey reverie in full effect this September when Edge of Spider-Verse #5 drops.

Fingers crossed that Web-Weaver finds himself a nice daddy long-legs to settle down with!

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