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Gay “Straight Pride” promoter says critics are just mad because he doesn’t want to sleep with them

Chris Bartley

According to his Twitter profile, Chris Bartley is a proud American, a follower of Jesus, a #GaysForTrump supporter, and a 2012 Eagle Scout.

He’s also one of the founding members of Super Happy Fun America, the group currently working to bring a “Straight Pride” parade to Boston later this summer.

And he doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks about him.

Barley’s official bio on the Super Happy Fun America website reads:

As gay ambassador, Chris uses his status in the LGBTQ community to challenge heterophobia wherever it exists. He became involved in the straight pride movement after being ostracized from established advocacy groups for merely suggesting that straight people be afforded equal rights.

Earlier this week, we reached out to Bartley for comment on his involvement with the group and asked specifically why, as a member of the LGBTQ community, he feels so passionately about promoting “Straight Pride.” Here is his unedited response:

Lemme say first Trump and his entire administration have identified June as pride month this year and every year. My motivation to participate in this years straight pride is to make the far left realize how insane they have become and how overarching they are. Many lgbt people have reached out to me and have said that gay pride is not the way it used to be. It used to be about fighting against the “man” and now it’s a drink and work with man. Essentially being a sheep. Gay pride used to be about free speech and now they are not. So this is why straight pride has become a reality. To showcase how extreme the left has become. I will be attending Gay Pride in Boston however will not be taking any questions from the media.

After our story ran, Bartley received quite a bit of blowback on social media, though doesn’t seem to have fazed him.

In fact, it’s only emboldened him to fight even harder against “heterophobia” and leftist extremists.

On Wednesday evening, he tweeted: “Funny how every person who has attacked me is not remotely attractive and even some are individuals who I have denied to sleep with. This Straight Pride is to show how ridiculous the left is and boy are they showing it. Thanks to the left I am a Trump supporter and now doing this.”

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