Gay Strip Club Wins Right To Bare All In Miami

May this go down in the annals of history as a striking victory for manjunk swinging unabashedly in your face: the Magic Mikes of Swinging Richards can now go The Full Monty.

Though North Miami Beach had banned total nudity in clubs where liquor is sold since 1994, the city never enforced the ban until Swinging Richards unzipped in November of 2011.

CB Jones, the owner of Swinging Richards and incidentally a constitutional rights lawyer, sued the city for discrimination back in April.

As South Florida Gay News reports, equality got  back up on that pole on Wednesday when North Miami Beach’s city council unanimously decided to allow nude dancing in Swinging Richards and local lady lairs, Dean’s Gold and G5ive.

Swinging Richards, in exchange for dropping the lawsuit against the city, attained a new license allowing booze and balls to coexist peacefully, though other establishments are inhibited from securing the same privilege, unless they want to to strip down to their legal briefs and sue the city as well.

“I appreciate the city recognizing that we males have the right to dance nude also,” Jones said.

It’s called being a hero.

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