Gay Strip Club Wins Right To Bare All In Miami

May this go down in the annals of history as a striking victory for manjunk swinging unabashedly in your face: the Magic Mikes of Swinging Richards can now go The Full Monty.

Though North Miami Beach had banned total nudity in clubs where liquor is sold since 1994, the city never enforced the ban until Swinging Richards unzipped in November of 2011.

CB Jones, the owner of Swinging Richards and incidentally a constitutional rights lawyer, sued the city for discrimination back in April.

As South Florida Gay News reports, equality got  back up on that pole on Wednesday when North Miami Beach’s city council unanimously decided to allow nude dancing in Swinging Richards and local lady lairs, Dean’s Gold and G5ive.

Swinging Richards, in exchange for dropping the lawsuit against the city, attained a new license allowing booze and balls to coexist peacefully, though other establishments are inhibited from securing the same privilege, unless they want to to strip down to their legal briefs and sue the city as well.

“I appreciate the city recognizing that we males have the right to dance nude also,” Jones said.

It’s called being a hero.

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  • curan

    …and how much safe-sex advocacy is this facility going to engage in to be granted this financial boom?

    Alcohol + Naked Guys = HIV

    No, a bowl of condoms at the door doesn’t cut it.

    We all know somebody who made the wrong decision, sometimes through no fault of their own. But that obviously isn’t relevant.

  • Ron Jackson

    Whoot! see, Florida isn’t all old people and Anita Bryant types. There are a few sane people left.

  • ncman


    “We all know somebody who made the wrong decision, sometimes through
    no fault of their own”

    HUH? What does that mean? How is that even possible? Provide an example please of how someone makes the wrong decision about engaging in unsafe sex through no fault of their own.

  • DirtyOleMan

    @Ron Jackson: Yes, it is all old people..and maybe some Cubans. Besides, some us old people like naked guys in North Miami gay bars!

  • Kevin B

    @curan: You’re aware that it’s the DANCERS who are going to be nude, not the patrons, right? I fail to see how a few fewer inches of fabric on a couple of strippers will magically spread disease…

  • USC Trojans Fan

    @curan: Hey troll! love seeing y’all here on our site every day!!….constantly showered with gay stories everywhere you turned.

  • Scott Johansen

    OF COURSE this should be allowed. I can’t believe it took so long. There’s absolutely NO difference between the millions of hetero titty clubs that some serious trashy stuff (and sex ring operations occur in) and gay strip clubs that are usually just fun, and laid back.
    Heteros are no one to dictate to us how our establishments should be run. I worked for the city council and know that 1 in 2 ‘straight’ nightlife establishments get the cops called atleast once per night due to either assault, fight, or often rape. Straight people are hardly the pillars of role modeling good behavior.
    And Ima just go ahead and ignore the vile troll that name dropped AIDS in a story about gay people. You trolls are way too transparent.

  • curan

    “What does that mean? How is that even possible? Provide an example please of how someone makes the wrong decision about engaging in unsafe sex through no fault of their own.”

    How could this be? Let me count the ways.

    – GHB: sometimes, all it takes is one drink unobserved for an instant.

    – The condom broke.

    – Transmission can still occur even when condoms are used correctly. Condoms are only 85% effective at preventing transmission. See p. 14 of the report below:

    That probably covers the majority of cases. Sufficient scenarios?

  • Tim

    Next up WEST HOLLYWOOD which ironically hosts several full frontal Gentlemen’s (STRAIGHT) clubs but refuse to show EVERYTHING in their infamous gay clubs. All this city ever does is brag about how RAUNCHY and KINKY and X Rated they are but they’re really all bark and no bite.

  • NotStr8Acting

    @curan: You sound like a catholic.
    Catholics try to shame gays for being in touch with their sexuality. There’s a huge difference between unprotected sex and enjoying sex, enjoying the male body and having responsible sex with multiple partners. Nothing is more satisfying than hot gay sex… I have plenty of it and LOVE it and millions of us gays will continue to have hot sex with each other. Your logic comes from a place of homophobia. You want to shame gays in being in touch with their sexuality. That will never happen!!! Our community will always embrace sexual revolution to be proud of our sexuality, our bodies and who we are. That and STDs are mututally exclusive. You are trying to tie the two because you are a disgusting religious individual. You religious people will have your religions laughed at in two or so decades by a majority of Americans, and people like me will make it our mission that happens!
    The worlds enemy is not gay sexuality and being in touch with it. The worlds enemy and cancer is religion.

  • Reality101

    @curan: we will never be celibant as openly gay people. We will never be shamed in gay sex and enjoying it. That is your goal and the goal of many hidden homophobes who cite stds when irrelevant or any topic concerning gays come up. You resent my gay brothers and sisters enjoying sex. You want to scare them into rejecting their NATURAL desires for same sex relations. We see through your ploy. You make knee jerk reactions and comparisons to restore a point that makes gay people feel shamed in being sexual- as the poster above mentioned. You realize antiquated religious doctrine no longer works on us so now you and your ilk are trying to find a new ploy to get gays to distance themselves from being gay. What makes us gay is our sexuality (aka sex) and we see right through your fear mongering. We’re smarter than you know.

    Congrats to Miami for doing something that puts everyone on equal footing. Not one sexual orientation over another.
    Gays in Florida… Go out and have fun. Life is short. Don’t devote your life to being what the straight man wants you to be, or what you think you should be. Be authentic to YOU in your life, and if thats going to a strip club…. Go out and have fun! :)

  • Steve007

    Yay! A victory for men..swinging dicks in the face…of other men. Yay!!! We have overcome.

  • USC Trojans Fan

    Hot! More cities in the country need to have strip clubs for gay men. Heck, we need more establishments geared toward us. I DON’T like straight social settings because everyone acts a dang fool. Our clubs are far more entertaining/fun to me (probably why the breeders keep flocking to them- wish they would stop) …having strip clubs for gay men? why not! Let anyone who wants to go out and enjoy that do so.

  • balehead

    I see the “Haters against the Hawt” are back on here….

  • darkanser

    @curan: While you make many good points, you do realize that Swinging Richards is a strip bar — not a bath house — right?

  • Kiwi

    Steve007 – You are SO right. We males are swinging our dicks with pride and proud of them. In our time period we have finally been
    recognized as being proud to be GAY.


  • Kiwi

    USC Trojans Fan: You go that right man. More strip clubs for men. After all we aren’t in the Victorian period any longer and even then, the men had lots of fun with each other but didn’t tell their wives, and it was just sort of not talked about. Sadly, it’s the same today.


  • Kiwi

    balehead: I really like the “Haters against the Hawt” comment. They will always be with us won’t they?


  • Kiwi

    darkanser: I lived in San Francisco for many years, and visited every gay male bath house in the city and one in Berkeley too. Whooeee!
    And I’m proud to say, I am disease free and happy.


  • Kiwi

    Ashamed to be Gay? Heck I was born to be gay. In my teens I tried a ‘fag-hag’ once and it wasn’t fun for her or me. Give me a good man any time.


  • Kiwi

    Poor Catholics – They try to be ‘pure’ before they marry and sometimes they just don’t make the grade. Remember, when Martin Luther started the revolt and formed the Lutheran Church, then there is the Church of England, where you can marry and reproduce if you want – or even be gay if you want to.


  • desertguy

    I like Swinging Richard’s. I am glad they can be naked! Always lots of fun! Keep it up…hehehe….Richard!

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