Gay superfan claims he has evidence that will end Britney Spears’ conservatorship


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David LeCours II, a self-proclaimed Britney Spears superfan, has gone public with testimony he claims proves the pop singer is not mentally incompetent. LeCours hopes that by sharing it he can help end Spears’ conservatorship.

In an open letter posted to the website Breathe Heavy, LeCours claims to have met Spears multiple times over the years, beginning in 2014 when he was just 16 years old. At the time, he presented her with a letter thanking Spears for offering him comfort during his struggles with his sexuality. He further claimed that Spears and her music saved his life. Spears herself later responded with an emotional letter, thanking LeCours for sharing his story with her–an anecdote also related to Queerty by Framing Britney Spears director Samantha Stark.

“I was very happy to hear about how courageous you’ve been about being openly gay,” Britney wrote in her note. “It means so much to me to have a fan like you who takes the time to sit and write me such a touching letter.”

Thus began a pen-pal-type friendship between Spears and LeCours, with Spears inviting him backstage at her concerts several times over the next few years. LeCours claims Spears remembered him by name each time, and further asserts that her memory of him indicates she cannot be mentally incompetent.

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“When I walked in, once again she remembered me,” LeCours recalls of their final meeting, in 2016. “This time was really awesome, she seemed really excited when she saw me, she gave me the biggest hug ever, we talked, she told me that I’d grown into such a young man since the last time she’d seen me.”

“How would a woman who has ‘dementia’ remember me by name over the course of years?” LeCours wrote in his open letter, referring to claims by Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, that she suffers from memory loss. “How could she be so impaired to take care of herself, yet be able to hold such conversations as these and then go out an hour later and play a show to a sold-out crowd in Las Vegas?”

“The money, secrets, and control, it’s just all sickening that a group of individuals could do such inhumane things to a person that is truly so full of compassion and kindness,” LeCours further asserted. “Is it so much for her to ask for her life back? Haven’t you made enough to live more than one life off of her? I will not stay silent until the person that saved and changed my life has fully been able to live her life the way she deserves to. I pray for each and every single one of you to learn what compassion for another human is. All eyes are on California and the people involved in this case, I hope you make the right choice.”

LeCours’ letter comes amid growing scrutiny over Spears’ conservatorship, which began following an involuntary psychiatric hospitalization in 2008. Recently, the singer appeared in court to deliver a statement claiming abuse and exploitation by her father, her chief conservator. A number of her personal team subsequently resigned their employment with Spears, including her longtime manager Larry Rudolph and her lawyer Samuel D. Ingham III. Despite the public outcry, a number of Spears’ close associates have also hinted that the public may not know all the reasons for her conservatorship. That includes Britney’s sister Jamie Lynn Spears, who plans to publish a tell-all memoir later this year.