Gay Superhero Comic “The Young Protectors” To Feature Full-Frontal Nudity Following High Demand

e9b962819cfc347e6e1d97b41c1616bd_largeThe creator of popular web comic series The Young Protectors has agreed to draw his characters fully nude in a collection of trading cards, digital art and wall prints following a high demand for cartoon peen in a recent Kickstarter campaign. Though Alex Woolfson said he didn’t expect funding for his comic to reach the original $14,000 goal, it made over $71,000 in 12 days.

That huge sum is partly due to a racy promise made on the Kickstarter page, in which  Woolfson agreed to unlock a “Romance Print trading card with a fully nude option”  if campaign reached $50,000. Although he didn’t personally want to do it, Woolfson says he’ll do anything to make his readers happy:

“My long-time readers know that my policy for the romance scenes in my comics is to keep things no more steamy that what you’d see in an R-rated film. If I’m creating a romance scene, I definitely want it to feel sexy and exciting. But there are certain things I choose to leave to the reader’s imagination—specifically, uncovered weenies.

But over the two years I’ve been posting my webcomics, I’ve gotten some feedback that there are those among you who would, frankly, like me to free the willies in my comics from this constraint. And while I will stick to my policy for the printed book and posted webcomic pages, I recognize that a Kickstarter project is something special.”

Above all else, Woolfson promises he’ll keep the gratuitous nudes both tasteful and “what [he] considers to be great art.”

“I only want to send you things you’d be proud to display and share with your (most intimate) friends. So if, through your pledging and voting, you decide to go the full monty, that’s exactly the kind of art I’m going to send you. Sound like fun? Good. :)”

In an interview with ONTD, Woolfson said he’s not worried about giving people the wrong impression by sexualizing his gay characters. “The backers know this is all just for fun and that’s the spirit they are taking this in,” he said.

With 12 days left in the Kickstarter campaign, Woolfson has added additional incentives at higher levels featuring even more risqué content than ever before. Stay up to date on the project and its goals on Kickstarter.

[via Oh No They Didn’t]