Grab Your Difference and Go!

Gay Superhero Teaches Life Lessons

A lot of homo-related novels tend to revolve solely around sexual identity. Not Perry Moore’s Hero.

Though the story focuses on a gay superhero, Moore – who produced The Chronicles of Narnia, as well as worked as White House intern under Bill Clinton – makes sure to keep things as universal as possible. He tells AfterElton:

It’s not an “afterschool special” kind of thing like “Timmy has a problem.” I mean, he is gay, that is part of his identity, but in a lot of ways he just happens to be gay. It’s one of many things he has to deal with, one of many challenges he has to confront and overcome and integrate into his life.

I wanted to teach people that what makes you unique is actually very special and that very thing that may make you feel alienated, if you’re willing to embrace it, can become the most empowering thing in your life.

Just reach out and grab it, squeeze it, lick it and love it. That’s all it takes.

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