‘Gay’ Superman: Have We Been Duped?


One thing we have been asking ourselves throughout this “is Superman gay?” brouhaha is “why is this getting so much media attention, including ours?” No one ever suggested that Superman is actually gay, including The Advocate in their original article, so are we just talking about his tights? All the press about the issue has been so vague that it smacks of a publicity stunt.

Brent Hartinger over at AfterElton believes that it is one big media concoction made up by the folks at Warner Brothers to A. Market their movie to the gay audience and B. Create controversy and buzz in the days leading up to the film’s premiere. It seems they have been pretty successful, if our own coverage of the “issue” is any indication, but we are getting sick of such cynical (and shoddy) pandering.

We believe that if Warner Brothers wants to start a real “gay Superman” controversy, they should provide some meat for the story. Put a gay love triangle in the new movie or something; don’t just talk about how wearing tights is sort of gay, because that is not worthy of a controversy, even by our standards, and we live for controversy.

We’re almost as frustrated by this as we are by the new Beyonce single. All we’re asking is for someone somewhere to put in a tiny shred of effort.

The Last Gay Word: Who the #%*& Cares if Superman is “Gay”?

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  • akai

    why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free- think about it.

  • Evan

    Isn’t it considered fact in the PR world that if gay men fall in love with an actor or actress, the rest of the country is soon to follow?

    It was obvious from the first studio “denial” that this was a PR ploy. And, just like all those covers of “Out” magazine that follow the rubric, “______-straight celebrity is cool with gay people, so you should see/buy their movie/CD” I find it pathetic. But what’s worse, the lame transparency of thing, or the fact that gay men fall for it every time, especially is there is a pretty face involved?

  • Joe

    This is not a marketing trick, lets review the facts:

    Gay Director: Bryan Singer
    Gay Lex Luthor: Kevin Spacey
    Ultimate Fag Hag: Parker Posey

    Brandon Routh: known as “B.J.” in real life got fired from “One Life to Live” for having zero chemistry with the ladies and being too wooden in scenes.
    Alex Burton, who has appeared as Pyro in Singer’s X-Men, has stated “he was given the part after a hot-tub session with the director at a homo-heavy Hollywood party.”

    After getting on knees to thank Brian Singer for being part of his gay vison for the next 10 years, signs a 3 picture deal with WB, becomes “wholesome, unknown from Iowa” who doesn’t talk about “One Live” or MTV’s slutty show “Undressed” or the fact that he was in Xtinaa’s “What a Girl Wants” video.

    All this and the fact that B.J was working as a bartender and whoring around MySpace when Brian cast him 2 years ago all add up to the gayest movie in history.

    Don’t even get me started on the spit curl and spankies Superman sports in this film.

    For more proof, go here. Be warned–Routh plays piano:

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