Three Thugs Lack One Brain

Gay Teen Bashed In Spain

Three Spanish homophobes took Boxing Day a little too seriously:

Witnesses say the brutal beating of a teenager outside a gay bar in Pamplona, Spain, was a hate crime. David Azkona, 19, was attacked by three men after leaving the bar the day after Christmas. GARA reports that Azkona was approached by the group on the street, who asked him, “Where are you going, maricón de mierda,” roughly translated “faggot shit,” along with sexually graphic slurs.

After Azkona was knocked to the ground, two of the men kicked and punched him all over his body, while the third watched and laughed. The victim was treated at Navarre Hospital for bruises to his legs and buttocks, a black eye and damage to his spleen. He was later released wearing a neck collar and using crutches…

The assailants remains at large.

The most confusing part of this story, we think, is the fact that the thugs asked the teen what he was doing coming out of a gay bar: obviously they’re not the smartest bullies…