Bad Education

Gay teen beaten by group of boys in locker room while one recorded it

An anonymous student at Alexandria Monroe High School in Alexandria, Indiana claims fellow students attacked him for being gay while changing in the school locker room. Worse, his attackers videotaped the assault.

The footage of the attack began to circulate among the Monroe High student body immediately following the event. Someone even forwarded it to the student’s mother.

“The guy who attacked me was standing next to my locker and wouldn’t stop staring at me, so I had a weird feeling that something was about to happen,” the student says. “He kept pushing me, but then he stopped pushing me and everything got quiet, so I thought he walked out.”

Then the punches began.

“I felt him punch me a couple more times and I got hit my face on the mirror and then he punched me in the head twice,” the student claims. “It happened so fast. I can remember them holding me against the wall,” he added, explaining that two other students helped restrain him so he couldn’t fight back.”

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The student in question also says he has been harassed over the years by his attackers for being gay. The most recent attack–which he labels a hate crime–left him with a broken nose.

Police have opened an investigation into the crime and are coordinating with school officials. They’ve also set up a tip line for students to pass on information anonymously. School administrators also told the family of the victim that two of the attackers have already been expelled from the school, though this has not been confirmed with the public.