Oh lord

Gay teen captures Christian woman’s at-home “exorcism” & goes viral on TikTok

Not all grandmothers are created equally, and for one gay teen, bedroom door exorcisms unfortunately come with the territory.

Selia Brookes identifies as “gay gay gay” on her TikTok profile, and recently went viral after sharing a truly uncomfortable moment involving her Christian grandmother addressing Brookes’ girlfriend.

“If you’re wondering what religious abuse is, here,” captioned Brookes on the video which has been viewed over 664K times.

“Satan, I rebuke you, in the name of Jesus, in the name above all names! Praise you, Jesus!'” the woman says, after calling out the apparent “foul” and “lying spirits.”

Brookes turns away from the door and appears to break down in tears as her girlfriend records.

In a subsequent video, the woman calls Brookes’ girlfriend a “blood-sucking leech.”

In the middle of the video, the text “This is how my grandmother talks to my girlfriend” appears over the image.