Gay Teen Forced To Have Sex With His Mom To “Cure” Him Of Homosexuality

Male-rape-victimA teenager in India was allegedly forced to have sex with his own mother in an effort to “cure” him of being gay, Gay Star News reports.

According to LGBT Collective, a gay rights group in Telangana, in southern India, there are more and more reports of “corrective rapes” being carried out by members of the victims’ own families.

Often families will handpick a cousin to carry out the act, but in one case, a gay teen was forced to have sex with his mother to “cure” him of his sexuality.

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Vyjayanti Mogli, a member of the group, told the Times of India that at least 15 “corrective rapes” have been reported in the last five years.

“We are sure there are many more cases, but they go unreported,’ Mogli said. “We came across such cases not because they reported the rape, but because they sought help to flee their homes.”

Mogli went on to explain that in many parts of India, homosexuality is not only taboo, but expressly forbidden, punishable with life in prison.

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