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Gay ‘Teen’ Hockey Blogger Outed As 40-Year-Old Man

Mikey, that supposed teenage Minnesota hockey player, whose popular blog has become a nationwide forum for queer and questioning teens, has been exposed not as a young male teen, but as a 40-year-old man (who might be using a Manhunt profile that describes himself as “a ‘hung’ 6-foot, 195-pound 30-year-old”).

It all unraveled when “Mikey” began an online relationship with a 23-year-old, and the pictures he claimed were of himself were found to belong to other persons on Minnesota high school hockey teams. Mikey still claims his original teenage identity is true, but the only way to break off this online relationship was to lie about who he was.

On the plus side, there’s no evidence Mikey used a fake teenage identity to lure minors into sexually predatory situations.

His blog is now offline.

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    Wonder which name he used on Queerty………… :-p

  • terrwill

    Does anyone remember the Ethan Reynolds/Brat Boy School fiasco a few years ago? It turned that the blog was written by a middle-aged con artist and that “Ethan”, although an actual live person, acted as a front for the con man.

  • Chris

    Terrwill, that’s a kind of sinister way of putting it. Ethan was a male model, and the blog posts that accompanied his photos were written by his manager. Some people say they still are, though his web presence is now mostly on MySpace instead of a personal blog site.

    If you’re interested, I wrote a fairly lengthy post on it at the time: http://christopherkeelty.com/index.php/2007/11/the-shit-hits-the-brat-boy-fans/

  • terrwill

    @Chris: Yes, I’ve read your post over 2 years ago. My words are perhaps sinister to you but they are not so far from the truth. Quite close to the truth, in fact.

  • DR (the real one, not the guy who made post #12)

    This is a tough one.

    Clearly the guy playing “Mickey” needs help. Something is wrong that he decided to create this false life for himself. It’s kind of pathetic, actually, that a thirty- or forty-something would do this.

    I also have to say, having followed this saga on Outsports, this ought to be a lesson about promoting these anonymous blogs. There’s no way to verify them, and while I’m sure there are some good ones out there, some genuine ones out there which other kids can relate to, there are just as many like these where it turns out to be fake, an excuse for poorly-written porn, etc.

    My own personal opinion, for what it is or is not worth, is that if the blogger can’t provide a name and contact info privately, I would never promote his or her site.

    Ultimately I feel terrible for the kids who were rallying around “Mickey” to tell their own tales of coming out.

  • Henry Holland

    Wow, luckily I’m so jaded and bored with coming out stories that I never knew who Mikey was until this blew up for Outsports. Verify, verify, verify.

  • William Day

    Queerty, coming a little late to this party, huh?

    Frankly, the matter ought to be laid to rest by this point. It’s fucked enough people over. Further post-mortem is pointless.

  • El Brucio

    Ouch. I read the source article. I really feel bad for Jimmy. It must really suck to develop a close relationship someone online only to discover that everything about them is fake. :(

  • ossurworld

    This news is so old that Mikey is now 50.

  • gotcharick

    The (very) grown man who was behind “Ethan’s” blogs (Ethan is not even his real name) was none other than his obese manager, Rick Altmann of Las Vegas/Henderson, NV. You can see a pic of this monster by Googling “Ethan Reynolds Rick Altmann” or “Rick Altmann Las Vegas.” Thank you and have a nice day!

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