Gay Teen In Foster Care Harassed, Humiliated By Staff At Christian Home

A former foster child is claiming he endured years of mental abuse at the hands of staffers at the Christian children’s home he lived in, reports the Miami Herald.

In court documents, the man (whose name is being kept private), recounts how, at age 16, he confessed he was gay to the head of His House Children’s Home in Miami. The director then dragged him to a remote location, cried uncontrollably and screamed, “How could you do this to me?”

After that, things went from bad to worse: The teen was expelled from his Christian school, forbidden to speak with his best friend, harassed by staffers and other kids, denied access to beneficial programs and made subject to repeated attempts at “conversion.”

“They always told us that God is love, but I guess there’s no God there,” the victim, now 19, wrote of his stint in the group home.

Hearing his plea, the private foster-care agency that oversees His House asked the Department of Children and Families to investigate. But DCF Inspector General Christopher T. Hirst said the treatment the teen suffered didn’t violate any laws.

Even before the anti-gay harassment began, the young man already had more emotional baggage than most of us could bear: He was first remanded to foster care at age 10, when his mother was charged with beating him. While in the system, he was molested by another youth, who was later arrested.

To hear the folks at His House tell it, though, the kid lived the Life of Reilly: “All children at His House are treated with great love, respect and dignity regardless of their sexual orientation,” says His House founder Jean Caceres-Gonzalez, the woman the teen claimed first accosted him about being gay. “Harassment by other kids or staff members is not tolerated, and [it’s] dealt with immediately. This child was no different. He fully enjoyed a safe and loving home.”

Sure, because there are just sooomany heartwarming stories about orphanages.