Gay Teen Sues Oklahoma School For Harrassment

gay oklahomaA gay teen is suing his school district, claiming they failed to protect him from harrassment and assault.

Eighteen-year-old Michale Bullis is suing the Grove School District of Oklahoma for over $10,000 for damages, after having to transfer to the district’s “alternative school” to escape the harrassment. Bullis is a National Honors Society student. And our guess is, with the spelling of his name “Michale,” he’s a rather fancy lad to boot.

We are quite disheartened to hear of Bullis’ ordeal. We presume that he was being harrassed as much as he says; it’s not hard to believe that a gay student in Oklahoma was having a hard go of it. And we applaud the young man for having the huevos to take on The Establishment in such a way. We hope he wins the money so he can go buy himself a little happy. Michale, if you need help, let us know.

Gay student to sue school