Gay Texas Teen Denied Prom Queen Crown, Remains Fierce

gay-prom-queenIf there’s one thing you never deny a queen, it’s her crown. Openly gay high school senior Coy Villasenor wanted to rule the court of the Lehman High School prom, but those dreams were dashed when Coy was disqualified from the race for being a boy. But like every good fairytale, this one has a happy ending.

Last week, Coy waged a battle to run for prom queen in Kyle, Texas —population 29,000. Coy’s request was denied by Lehman principal Michelle Chae, who argued that Coy was not legally a transgendered individual, even though Coy identifies more as a female than a male.

“I just want the same opportunity to run for queen because that’s how I express myself – as a woman,” Coy told The Hays Free Press. “I wear foundation, fill in my eyebrows and wear tight pants. That’s not very masculine, is it?”

Well, that depends on your view of masculinity, but for the sake of the principal’s argument, Coy’s sense of self wasn’t enough to justify a run for prom queen. Coy went to the Hays Consolidated Independent School District and the superintendent to accuse Lehman of discrimination, but they both sided with the principal, claiming that allowing Coy to run for prom queen would in fact be discriminatory:

Requiring male students who are legally male and who present themselves as male to run in the male category and female students who are legally female and who present themselves as female to run in the female category protects the equal access for male and female students to each achieve a place on the prom court.

“What the superintendent told me was that I was supposed to have a history of dressing like a girl in the past,” Coy told Austin’s Fox 9. “I’ve had hair down to [my chest] for four years. I donated it…I was considered a girl. So, if that wasn’t good enough for them, then I just think they’re making it up.”

So Coy was deemed not female enough to run for prom queen, but at the night to remember last Saturday, Coy still managed to snatch the crown:


“I didnt win but the girl who won is my friend and she supported me 100 percent and gave everything she won to me,” Coy told the Free Press. “Everyone chanted ‘KOI KOI KOI KOI!!!!’”

We guess because someone was serving fish.