Enemies Question Familial Facts

Gay Think Tank Takes On DC

There’s a new player on the gay marriage playing field. California based gay think tank, The Rockway Institute, has gathered 100 gay politicos, scientists and leaders to serve as potential Congressional witnesses in the ever-important debates. The Institute’s founder, psychology professor Robert-Jay Green explains the need for his dream team:

Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council are basically media machines churning out press releases, policy reports, appearing on talks shows constantly conveying their messages and distorting the actual research findings.

There is not a single iota of scientific evidence showing that children raised by lesbian and gay parents do less well than children raised by a heterosexual mother and father.

Not surprisingly, Focus on The Family rebukes Green’s queer claims…

Focus on The Family’s spokesperson Carrie Gordon Earll contends Green and his gays don’t have their facts straight:

We’ve looked at what homosexual activists have put forward and found it lacking. It doesn’t meet basic social science standards. It speaks to the desperation among homosexual activists to give credibility to their political goals.

Children do best in homes with married mothers and fathers. That’s where the research is.

Earll and her Christian crusaders have obviously chosen to ignore research indicating that children raised by gays aren’t predisposed to perversion or social degeneracy, as Focus would have you believe. In fact, the Canadian government just released a Tory-blocked study proving Green’s point. Researcher Paul Hastings insists:

If the research had shown that children of same-sex parents were experiencing some kind of problem related to their social competence, I would have wanted to highlight that. A problem can’t be addressed until it is recognized. But the vast majority of studies showed that these children are just as okay as the kids with opposite-sex parents.

Take that, Focus on The Family!