Gay To Rachel Ray: ‘Oh No You Di’int!’

Rachel Ray snubs a Portland columnist, and the bitchy queen just isn’t having it. [Wilamette Week]rachel ray 1.jpeg

• A gospel singer discusses his porn addiction, and the future for gays in the black community. Apparently he was on Oprah with other recovering porn addicts; we didn’t see the episode, but we imagine all the panelists were wound reeeeeally tight. [CNN]

• First The Netherlands, and now Germany: immigrants will be shown videos of gay guys getting jiggy with it, to test their tolerance of “alternative lifestyles.” And Islam Online is furious about it, go figure. Hopefully none of those Oprah panelists will want to move to Germany, or they’ll see the videos and fall off the wagon. [I.O.]

Madonna sets a new record for becoming the female artist with the most #1 singles on the UK charts. Impressive! Who did she beat? Sporty Spice, who had 11. Oh. And just like that, we’re not impressed anymore. [AHN]