Coppers Kill Assassin Plot

Gay Tried To Pay For Wife’s Slay

James Gau doesn’t have time for a drawn out divorce. Rather than waiting for lawyers to end his marriage to his wife, Sheryl, Gau decided to end her life. Why? Gau wanted to live with his new boyfriend! Totally logical – and now he’s totally busted.

It all started a few weeks ago when Gau told Sheryl, the mother of his six children, that he’s a homo and wanted to live with his new man. Sheryl accepted the fact, but Gau wanted to end things as soon as possible.

After moving to Reno from Utah, Gau started looking for an assassin, telling anyone who would listen that he wanted to off his wife. Coppers and the FBI started listening and set up the sting. Gau met with an officer yesterday, told the officer he’d pay with Sheryl’s life insurance money and requested the “killer” break Sheryl’s neck – to avoid blood and all.

Those gays are so conscientious!

Sgt. Dave Evans remarks on the macabre case:

With their pending divorce and splitting of the property, he just felt it was easier for her to die than to go through a divorce. In this case, it appears he wanted to make his life easier and get on with his new lifestyle. He had no regard for his wife or his children. It seemed like he just wanted to get this thing done and was more concerned with his social life.

Well, we guess who’s getting custody of the children.

And, we’re assuming Gau’s boyfriend dumped him. Lesson learned: don’t be a crazy murderous dickwad.