Gay Trump insurrectionist complains he can’t get a date. Go figure.

Brandon Straka. Screenshot.

Meet Brandon Straka, a 44-year-old New York-based hairstylist and Trump lover that just plead guilty to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge for his role in the January 6 Capitol Insurrection. In addition to begging his “followers” for money, Straka complains that he can’t seem to get a date.

Gee, we wonder why.

Straka first waded into politics in 2018 by launching the #WalkAway campaign, an online push to convince queer Americans to not support Democratic politicians. Straka claimed that Democrats have never been friends to the LGBTQ community, despite Barack Obama and Joe Biden being the first sitting US President and Vice President to endorse marriage equality. Straka also ignores that the Republican party continues to show open hostility toward queer Americans.

Earlier this month, Straka entered his guilty plea with a federal court. He will face sentencing in December. LGBTQ Nation reports that just two days later, he emailed his #WalkAway mailing list asking them to send him money for his legal bills.

“Start posting positive things that you believe about me,” he wrote. “Push back against the one sided hate attacks that are happening right now. I still have nothing to say about my case, other than this- as it’s being widely (and likely INTENTIONALLY) misreported: I did NOT enter the Capitol building… Almost every story I’ve read so far says or implies that I went inside. I did NOT. The amount of hatred being leveled at me this week is unlike anything I’ve experienced the past 4 years. I feel like I’m being attacked by an army.”

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“Tell your husbands, boyfriends, sons, and fathers to sign up for my emails,” he then added. “I only get about 1 out of 100 emails from men. lol. I love my women followers, but also want to hear from the guys that we’re all going to get through this in one piece.”

Once again: gee, we wonder why.

Straka goes on to claim that he’s been banned from most online vending platforms, including PayPal Venmo, and Stripe. He further says he has set up an account with a “conservative” processing company.

During the January 6 Insurrection, Straka live-tweeted from the riots, writing “Patriots at the Capitol – HOLD. THE. LINE!!!!” Later that same day, he added “So congress moves forward, Patriots storm the Capitol- now everybody is virtual signaling their embarrassment that this happened.”

Two days later, Straka deleted his social media accounts. Facebook also deleted his #WalkAway page, saying it violated the company’s ban on obscene or violent content. Later in January, the FBI arrested Straka after several videos of him surfaced at the Captiol shouting “We’re going in!” and “Go! Go!” Another video also apparently shows him encouraging an attack on a police officer, with Straka encouraging other insurrectionists to steal the officer’s riot shield.

In addition to his role in the Capitol insurrection and the #WalkAway campaign, Straka also became a viral story in 2020 when American Airlines banned him following his refusal to wear a mask on a flight.