Gay Trump supporter kicked off airplane for refusing to wear mask says he’s receiving death threats

That gay Trump supporter who threw a hissy fit after being kicked off an airplane for refusing to wear a face mask says he’s become the target of online bullying and death threats.

Earlier this week, Brandon Straka was removed from an American Airlines flight after he would not comply with a crew member’s instructions. Afterwards, he posted an angry video detailing the “intimidating” incident.

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Once the video went viral, Straka was widely criticized for his behavior, which he now says has led to online attacks, including death threats.

“The past 24 hrs has proven conclusively to me what I already knew,” he tweeted yesterday. “I have been inundated with death threats, attacks on social media & email. None of these ppl have asked if I there’s a reason why I couldn’t wear the mask. They are just another arm of the left’s rageful mob.”

For the record: Queerty did reach out to Straka for comment earlier in the week. We specifically asked if he wanted to explain his reason for not wearing a mask, but, after responding to our initial message, he never followed up with any statement or explanation.

He did, however, share one of the alleged death threats he received with his Twitter followers:

This prompted a number of racist responses from his supporters:

Queerty, again, reached out to Straka for comment yesterday afternoon, offering him another chance to clarify things. He asked for more time to respond, then never got back to us.

Brandon, if you’re reading and you’d like to explain why you couldn’t wear the mask, please give us a [email protected]

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