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Gay Trump supporter stripped naked and asked to explain himself

MTV just released a teaser for its new reality show Undressed, which brings two strangers together, strips them way naked, and asks them a series of questions in order to assess their compatibility.

One particular point of interest: two men are featured in the clip, both very naked indeed, and both clearly at odds with one another.

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The central drama?

“As a gay man, how could you vote for Trump?”

See how the drama plays out when the show premieres August 16th.

Watch the teaser here.

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  • KaiserVonScheiss

    Maybe he’s not obsessed with identity politics or has broken away from the SJWs trying to run the gay community.

    • Hermes

      Or maybe he’s not worth the time to spit. Your name apparently is appropriate.

    • DarkZephyr

      Nobody has manipulated me into caring about my rights and my equality or into wanting to protect my family from the rabid xenophobia of Donald Trump. Go ahead and call that “identity politics” but focusing on one’s rights is no worse than what many Republicans do. For instance, in my family many people voted for Trump because of a fear of gun control. They didn’t give one solitary f*ck about his promise to appoint judges that would overturn marriage equality. They didn’t blink an eye over his “grab ’em by the pu**y” remark. They didn’t give a sh*t about his violence encouraging rhetoric. All they cared about was what they could gain in the gun department. And as is evident from the KKK’s support of Trump, many voters focused only on what they saw as his bigotry. So go ahead and scoff at “identity politics”, but EVERYBODY has one pet cause that they focus the most on. That being said, my rights and equality are not the only reason I refused to vote for Trump. Far far from it.

    • KaiserVonScheiss


      Rights are for individuals, not identity groups. The mainstream left don’t want ‘equal rights,’ i.e. equal opportunity. They wan’t equality of outcome. That’s the problem with identity politics. It’s collectivist and ignores the agency of the individual. Only the individual can act. Only the individual can think.

    • hithere2

      Oh how I long for the days when the American Right did not play into the identity politics of white people.

    • Daniel M


      Groups can and frequently do wield enormous power. That power was acknowledged by the Citizens United decision. Ironic, really. Terrible decision.

      But as long as bigotry against “identity groups” can be given the authority of law, the groups affected not only can but should act. I don’t disagree that the individual has agency. In practical application, however, a collective of individuals can use their agency to make common cause to promote their interests as a group. In fact, that’s the way human relations usually shake out. It’s the only way stuff gets done in a representational democracy. Even broken representational democracies.

    • Kangol

      Trump supporters are obsessed with “identity politics,” i.e., white identity politics. Du verstehst, Kaiserin?

    • drmiller

      @KaiserVonScheiss Mhmm, and would you include corporations in your argument? I seem to remember the right celebrating Citizens United. Apparently a business can somehow exercise religious rights? Spend money in politics?

      Typical republican hypocrisy. The law applies to everyone but me. Or often, the law applies only when I want it to apply.

    • DCguy

      Hey Mo Bro, oh wait, I mean Kaiser.

      One thing we all notice, is that you can never give any reason to BE a Trump supporter. you just come on here and make vague claims about “Libs” or SJW’s (Both are standard Breitbart or Fox News terms.

      But you never state exactly why anybody SHOULD support Trump what with him picking the rabidly canti-lgbt Pence, him stating he would appoint judges to attack our civil rights, AND with his Supreme Court pick Gorsuch already proving that.

      So lets just stipulate that we know your Trolling is B.S. and maybe you should save yourself the bother and just go back to the KKK websites you normally hang out in.

    • Louis

      Give me a break enough is enough with some of your insensitive,tactless,and classless statements within this community.

      SJW is an acronym that means nothing to those of us who are actually educated compassionate and empathetic towards our fellow human beings and Americans.

      Clearly you are none of the above only the typical elitist that deems themselves emotionally mentally and physically superior to your LGBT peers.

    • KaiserVonScheiss

      I support Trump because he makes SJWs squirm.

      He’s shown that the Deep State and the MSM are the enemies of the American people.

      He is the voice against anti-white identity politics. It is a fact that mainstream racism today is directed against white people. It’s perfectly okay for people in the media and elsewhere to use racist terms like “white privilege” and get away with it. But make a satirical tweet, say a joke, do anything that doesn’t toe the ‘Progressive’ line, get fired.

      The madness has to stop. The mainstream left have a problem. Until they look in the mirror and fix it, they will remain broken.

      Identity politics is not the answer. The answer is treating people as individuals, recognise their agency, their value. But let me guess: “that’s racist!” Individuals have value because of their individual merit, their individual, their individual qualities. It doesn’t matter that people are black, white, gay, whatever. Their character matters.

      Not that that the mainstream left really care. They only care about their narrative. The only truth in politics is that the truth doesn’t matter. That much is clear.

      Let me be clear also. I’m not a Republican (or a republican). Both parties are political religions. The diehards are no different from diehard religious nuts. They eat the party narrative just as fundamentalists take in their religious dogma.

    • glittercomments

      Or maybe he’s not white trash? I can’t take anyone who voted for Trump seriously. He’s an insult to the office of the president.

  • Paco

    I’ll be expecting every Trump supporter to be explaining themselves when the nukes start to drop. I hope the survivors hold them all accountable as well.

  • Paul Nadolski

    Not all LGBT+ folks are Democrats. Sorry but it’s true. At least, not neoliberal Democrats. Personally, if I could have a redo of the 2016 election I’d still vote Jill Stein. And if Hillary runs in 2020 I’ll vote against her again.

    • DarkZephyr

      I am not a Democrat either but wasn’t f*cked in the head enough to vote for Trump or dumb enough to vote for a spoiler candidate that would just help get Trump in power.

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      I hope you didn’t live in a swing state.

    • Kangol

      Hillary ain’t running again. And Jill Stein still needs to explain why she was cheesing in that dinner photo with Vladimir Putin and traitor Mike Flynn. She helped put Trump in office, to Vladimir’s endless gratitude.

    • drmiller

      This wasn’t a time for your to express your “Libertarianism” or to make a stance against Clinton. This was a time for you to help stop this monster from destroying our country. All you complete idiots aren’t doing what’s best for this country, you’re doing what’s best for yourself and your flimsy ego. Like it or not, Clinton was better for the USA, regardless how you felt about her.

    • DCguy

      Oh look, a brand new account name putting in the fake Jill Stein trolling memo that all of the trolls and bots on Twitter use.

      Yeah Yeah Yeah, we get it, you’re a Trump troll, please stop boring us.

  • NateOcean

    This is a paid promotional placement, right?

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      One would hope.

  • Chevelter

    Why are they calling this series UNDRESSED. MTV had a totally different type of series called UNDRESSED from 1999-2002.

  • Kieran

    The question is as insulting as someone asking: “As a gay man how can you not love Kathy Griffin?”

    • drmiller

      No it’s literally not. Kathy Griffin has done plenty in support of the LGBT+ community. Trump has already regressed on LGBT+ rights–did you miss his little tweet session about the trans community serving in the military? What is wrong with you people? These false equivalencies are staggering.

  • DCguy

    Wow, the Trump Troll screenames are out in force.

    Hey guys, if you have to lie and hide facts to make your point you make it very easy to disregard your idiotic trolling.

    The guy voted for a politician who stated in his campaign that he would attack that guy’s civil rights. That shows a staggering level of self hatred. End of story.

  • Prax07

    Trump, and Any morons that still support that buffoon should be shot. They’re all obviously too stupid to function in society, so put them down like the useless trash they are.

  • Jack Meoff

    I think Queerty need to define their definition of naked. They constantly post headlines about naked people who are not naked at all.

  • OzJosh

    How exactly do you get “very naked indeed” from people wearing underwear???!!!

  • jorgecruz

    Someone should be asking “does anyone even watch MTV anymore?” The Holiday Inn hotel page gets higher ratings.

  • Brody

    As a gay man, I voted for Trump not because of his stance of gay issues, but because he believes in American exceptionalism, as opposed to Obama and Hillary who believe America is an evil boil on the face of the earth that must be lanced.

    I suspect the difference between myself and many other gay men is that when I go into a voting booth I’m not thinking about how my vote will affect my sex life, I’m thinking about how it will affect our society as a whole.

    • AloeJade

      “Obama and Hillary who believe America is an evil boil on the face of the earth that must be lanced”

      Is that what they believe?

  • milwsport

    Obama and Clinton’s work gave this country more power than Trump ever will. Look at how our allies are running away from us, look at how the rest of the world is laughing at us. Look at the nations who are openly bragging about taking advantage of the opening Trump gave them by giving up leadership on climate change.

    We aren’t exceptional because we are America, we are exceptional because we lead the world. Give up that leadership as Trump has and you will find there’s nothing really exceptional about us.

  • baal61

    Absolute Bullshit to me in the face of the homophobia’ racism and hatred’ blooming from festering head of the entire GOP’ Trumateers! FLUSH.

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