Dick's Move

Gay Trumper Richard Grenell’s latest tweet about trans people totally backfires

ABC Screenshot

Former ambassador to Germany and gay Trump lackey Richard Grenell found himself grilled on social media this week after posting a statement from a transgender woman who attended the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) last weekend.

On March 1, Grenell posted a screenshot of a Facebook post from a woman named Gina Roberts. Roberts attended CPAC as a member of the Log Cabin Republicans, a group of right-wing gays with a predilection for voting against their own interests.

“I worked the Log Cabin Republican booth and received nothing but respectful questions about things in the news about transgender people,” Roberts wrote in her Facebook post. “Much better and easy to get along with crowd than any Pride festival.” [We have to wonder what Pride festivals she’s attending.]

“Sharing some truth from @CPAC that DC reporters won’t acknowledge,” Grenell tweeted along with the screenshot.

Apparently Grenell didn’t stop to consider the reason the media does not report on transgender Republicans is because the GOP has adopted a hostile anti-transgender attitude and policy positions. If Grenell didn’t know before, he sure does now: Republican Twitter attacked him over the post.

“I don’t want this in my party,” said Congressional candidate Joshua Foxworth. This is insanity and against everything that I stand for and against Christ. If you support this, you are not a conservative.”

“We’re celebrating mental illness now?” wondered conservative pundit Lauren Witzke.

Other pro-trans Twitter users also chimed in.

“[F]un fact, the personal opinion of a singular trans person at CPAC doesn’t change the fact that vile transphobic rhetoric was spewed from the CPAC mainstage by powerful people for days,” tweeted user @thekaitmonster.

“You found a trans person willing to sell out the rest of us for favors, to try to avoid the discrimination you people push on a daily basis toward us,” wrote @Celestial_Emily. “You folks want a damn cookie?”

Grenell’s highlighting of a token transperson at CPAC didn’t have the effect he would have liked. As a token queer within the Trump administration, he should have known better. The administration had a horrible record when it came to LGBTQ rights.

Richard Grenell likes to tout himself as the first openly-gay cabinet-level member thanks to his stint as acting Director of National Intelligence, however, because he was never confirmed by the Senate, he never officially held the post. Following the 2020 Election, Grenell helped spread misinformation and conspiracy theories supporting the Trump narrative of a “stolen” election despite no evidence to support the claims. Grenell has also said he’s eyeing a run for Governor of California in a possible recall election of sitting Gov. Gavin Newsom. If the response to his tweet is any indication, he won’t get far.