This gay Trumper’s rant about gas prices just totally backfired, and Twitter is ticked


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Christian Walker, the gay, Trump-loving, conspiracy-peddling son of former NFL star Herschel Walker, found himself roasted on Twitter this week following an Instagram rant. Walker took to the platform to complain about gas prices while wearing designer clothes and driving a luxury SUV.

Walker ignited the backlash on December 11 when he posted a video of himself fueling his SUV. In the video, he wore shorts and a designer sweatshirt by Givenchy. The sweater reportedly costs around $1,300.


">Walker wrote on the post. “While Joe takes his afternoon naps and vacations at his beach house, GAS PRICES AND INFLATION ARE SOARING.”

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In the video, Walker inexplicably claimed that Joe Biden is failing his pledge to unify the country because of high gas prices.

“This is divisive to my bank account and my hard-earned money,” he said.

Given that Walker is the child of extreme wealth, we’re also wondering how he “hard-earned” his money.

We are apparently not alone in that question. Twitter lashed out at Walker for his obliviousness, characterizing him as an attention-grabbing rich kid.

“Buy something besides a gas guzzling Range Rover,” wrote @Photocrazy1. “Your daddy is Herschel Walker is rich, you aren’t Middle-Class, with you $100,000 car, $1,300 sweatshirt and $600 key chain.”

“Watching you in this video made me feel sorry for you,” said @NativeTainoPR. “Missing, are empathy and total understanding how a global economy functions, embarrassing your dad’s campaign. It also makes me feel grateful that I raised mine to be socially conscious and to be part of the solution.”

“Man child shocked that costs go up the more gas he puts in car,” observed @loadingfucks. “Next on the news, things get wet if you pour water on them.”

“You know the President doesn’t have a magic lever to raise or drop gas prices right?” wondered @SovietTalk.

“Dude, your sweats cost $1300, your keychain cost $500, and you’re obviously filling up a luxury SUV… Your message was dead on arrival,” jabbed @mo_tweets13.

Furthermore, Walker may want to do a bit of research: while gas prices are at a seven-year high, recent weeks have actually seen prices drop thanks, in part, to Joe Biden opening the nation’s oil reserves to alleviate costs.

Then again, we’re not surprised Christian Walker doesn’t know better. Earlier this year he peddled the false theory that Mike Pence could override the 2020 Election by refusing to certify the votes. Walker also ignited social media backlash this week after an appearance on Black News Tonight where he claimed that White people are the subject of discrimination in the workplace, but could not name any examples.