Gay TV Host Has The Hots For “Erotic Dream” Putin

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s got himself a homo admirer!

Italian television host Alfonso Signorini caused a minor sensation this weekend when he described Putin as an “erotic dream” and the “sexiest man alive.”

Signorini, who is openly gay, was asked who is the sexiest Italian man. He replied that he didn’t know, but added, “In the world, this is certainly Vladimir Putin.

“When I saw his naked torso and a slain Siberian tiger lying at his feet, I almost had a stroke. Won-der-ful!” Signorini said in a reference to Putin’s much-photographed shirtless fishing trip in Siberia last year and an incident recently when Putin shot a tiger with a tranquilizer gun, putting it to sleep but not killing it.

“He is my erotic dream. I find him absolutely astonishing,” Signorini said by telephone Friday from Milan. “I’m attracted by his charisma and his icy glance.”

Um. Ew!