Gay TV Team Gets Hitched

It’s a blessed day for gay twosome Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan. The Scottish homosexuals and their public relations team announced today that the men sealed the nuptial deal. From the very excited press release:

Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan confirmed today that, after 22 years together, they have married. The dynamic Scottish design duo were secretly betrothed at the Chelsea Registry office in central London, England.

It was only after experiencing life in Canada that the couple decided to make their long standing relationship official.

“I’m not sure if we would have decided to get married if we hadn’t moved to, and fallen in love with Canada. After a year of living in Toronto, filming Home Heist, it became clear to us that it was time to tie the knot. Canada is such a progressive nation, so welcoming and open-mindedly liberal about gay marriage, that we felt thoroughly inspired,” says Ryan.

McAllister added, “Previously every time someone asked us about getting married, I’d joke that even after such a long time I still wasn’t sure if Justin was the right man! Let’s just say that this year, I’m SURE.”

The service was kept a closely guarded secret, and while the couple’s mothers were both aware of the impending nuptials and gave their blessings, the ceremony was attended by just two close friends, Elaine and George Ponte, who acted as witnesses. Afterward the happy couple and their two witnesses celebrated at The Wolseley on Piccadilly, a favourite London celebrity hangout.

Well, congratulations to you both, gents, even though we’ve never, ever heard of you…

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  • faghag

    You may never have heard of them, but they are houusehold names in the UK.

  • Shabaka

    Go Canada! Congrats to both of them! I never watch the show but I’m glad they like it here.

  • John McLaren

    Just because their show doesn’t air in these United States of America doesn’t mean they are not famous to millions throughout the UK, Canada and countless other countries in worldwide syndication.

  • Snoodle

    Never heard of them? Blashphemy! Glad they like Canada, really happy for them ^.^! FINALLY got hitched ;)Aw, I love them so…

  • Dick

    Their series “How Not To Decorate” airs on BBC America, Saturday mornings at 9

  • Carol

    OMG I love these two! Hilarious doesn’t even begin to describe their show. And, being Canadian, I must say I am proud to live in a country that inspired these two talented funny gentlemen. Good on you boys!

  • Jon

    You’ve never heard of them????? Don’t you yanks have TV???

    They are HUGE in Canada and the UK. HUGE I tell ya.

    They have been living in Toronto and have made a huge hit here and apparently our lovely Canada has been a huge hit with the boys. Yeah! Congrats to Colin & Justin, we totally love you guys being here with us in Canada!

    Come on America, check out their various shows and you will love them too!

  • mrmansonx

    How old are they, they have been together for 22 years…

  • jess

    @ mrmansonx :

    Colin is 38 and Justin is 39. It might be the other way round though. They’ve been together since they were like 17 after meeting in a club and catching each other’s attention by laughing at a fat woman’s breasts.

    I’m not a stalker, I swear. *shifty eyes*

  • grizzly bear


  • kelly jamieson

    Shit! They’re doing some great work here in Canada. Its about time they got hitched, huh? Well done. Aint seen Home Heist but am a big Million Pound Property fan. Gonna tune in for Home Heist now Ive ben reminded of this pair! Congratulations. They gonna have kids?

  • Jake

    This is WICKED news! Theyre kind of like TV Gods in our part of the planet. Canada seems to be having a good effect on them. They seem far gentler now. LOVE this news. So good for gay lib an all that Not sure if they are on in States at the mo’ but theyre also big in Britain cos I saw some of their old stuf last year in London. Didnt they also do a show about wedding planning? Congrats and Im glad they chose Canada to get married,

  • michael

    Hey Queerty, if you were not so obsessed with some 2nd rate Russian porn star you might notice that there is a great big gay world out there with lots of really cool people doing really cool things! These two are amazing and we love them here in Canada!
    Check them out my American brothers and sisters, they are a riot!

  • Andy and Andy

    About time too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats lads. We love you in Vancouver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Come see us sometime? Feel a bit left out over East xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • liam greigson

    Tune into the Lifestyle Channel in Oz to see them – we’ve been watching them in Melbourne all this month. They’re pretty popular over here too. When did they get hitched? And what do great designers wear to their own wedding?
    Liam xoxoxoxoxox

  • John from PA

    They don’t even look 22 years old, let along being together that many years! COngratulations to them!

  • Barbarossa

    A little too heavily made up for my taste.

  • sam

    Bloody excellente show gentlemens! The dogs balls! Toronto worships at your feet. How can you posibly look as fesh after all thi stime! You should write a book about your beauty secrets let alone design!
    Sam and Tracy and Della xxx

  • leomoore

    Thanks Dick. I was wondering why they weren’t on BBCA, which is one of the channels I watch most often on DirecTV.

  • james

    Nice gents. Glad about their lovely pairing,
    Jamesy Boy

  • brent

    I dont see how they can be together for that time as they only look 30. How does that work? Great news tho’ Brent and the team at Jones

  • fiona green


  • faghag

    Brent , thy’re both in their forties, bottox is a godsent.

  • nicholas

    Fucking brilliant news. These guys are totally fucking inspiring! Way to go! Respect!

  • shirl frey deans

    hell, they drive me insane sometimes with all their bizarre clothes and flowers etc but these dudes are undeniably brilliant designers and being honest their clothes etc are part of the reason I watch. REALY hapy that they are a pair of legals now. Hoorah!
    Shirl the Girl xx

  • fat gus

    Gus and Andrew

  • syooi

    They not have any tv programe in my country,but i
    read their news on some uk magazine.Anyway i really wish that their relationship will long forever because gay couple are also like others
    straight couple,they also serious in relationship.Congratulation!

  • callum

    shit shit shit shit shit! The carp shits of this world get outa my head. These men are rocking it good for us who aint on TV. They are so right on I say thank you to them. These men give me laughs all day. Excellent news!

  • jenny killer moth

    Who knows what that all means but the sentiment does sound rather lovely! ‘Carp s***s? Well done to C and J on their news. Great to see such integration in our lovely country.

    Jenny K xox

  • true love

    hello, i would like to say yes it is great news for them in the relationship. they are great fun to watch and i always enjoy them! Homr Heist is best tv show on HgtV,
    Thanks, Elsa

  • yates

    OMG – I love this pair. Home Heist is a brilliant show and I will pay even more attention now that they ar emarried! LOVE them! xxxxxxxxx

  • taylor tennant

    They are Gods and no one else comes near their talent.

  • Harry

    Congrats to the two crazy dudes. Hope you are happy ever after,
    Harry x

  • june

    these boys are only designers worth watching on telly! Respect!

  • Andy

    Congratulations to the two as now officially one. I’m from Atlanta, GA, USA and love them both – come on down South. Magnolias and love to Ryan and Colin.

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