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TV weatherman unveils his drag alter ego

Weatherman Nate Byrne and Gail Warnings
Weatherman Nate Byrne and Gail Warnings (Photo: ABC/Instagram)

Viewers in Australia are loving the drag alter ego of a TV weatherman and science reporter. Nate Byrne works for News Breakfast on ABC.

Pride month found him visiting the Melbourne drag community, Yummy. The cabaret troupe tour internationally.

Attending one of their workshops, Byrne received his first drag makeover. Both he and viewers were blown away by the results, which took 90 minutes from start to finish.

The weatherman’s chosen drag name?

Gail Warnings!

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On his own Twitter, Byrne documented in more detail his drag transformation.

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Byrne revealed he’d been dressed in multiple pearl necklaces as he’d forgotten to shave his chest. He also ended his Twitter thread by saying “Fin?” (French for the end), but with a question mark suggesting this might not be the last time we see Gail Warnings.

It seems viewers would love to see more of Gail.

On Instagram, one mom thanked Byrne for helping to start a conversation with her kids.

“Oh Gail! You blew me away. Thank you so much for being in drag. The kids were heading off to school this morning. One of my boys has an intellectual disability. When he saw you in drag it raised some questions for him. It was a lovely opportunity to talk to him about drag and then gender expression in general. So thank you for bringing Gail to us this morning.”

Go, Gail!


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