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Gay Twitter is all over the ‘Bros’ trailer

Yesterday we wished a very happy Bros trailer day to all who celebrate, and the reactions since its drop have made it clear that fans can’t wait for the film’s September release to come.

Bros boasts the first all-openly LGBTQ+ cast in a major theatrical studio rom-com. With the likes of creator Billy Eichner, Bowen Yang, Ts Madison, Jim Rash, Harvey Fierstein, Dot-Marie Jones, Luke Macfarlane, (club, ‘nother club, etc.), it’s sure to be fruit all the way down.

In the trailer we see Eichner as a writer/podcaster being tasked with writing a rom-com about a gay couple to show that gay relationships and straight relationships aren’t so different and that “love is love is love,” but Eichner’s character doesn’t buy that notion for a second. Watch the lightly work-unfriendly trailer below for more:

Akin to recent projects like The Other Two or Fire Island, Bros is ready to showcase the realities some gays face in dating, and fans are ready for the real. You don’t have to take our word for it — let’s ask the audience:

Bros is set to hit theaters September 30th.