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Gay Twitter™ comes for homophobic reality star who claims 50 percent of his friends are gay

Jax Taylor is a bartender/cast member on Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules, but after his recent homophobic outburst on Twitter, it remains to be seen how much longer he’ll be on the show.

Last weekend, Taylor got into a Twitter spat with a complete stranger over Adidas’ new line of NHL-inspired apparel that resulted in him unleashing a string of homophobic insults at the man.

In one of the tweets, he accused the man of being a closeted frat boy who has gay sex with his roommate while wearing boat shoes. In another, he said there’s no way the guy could be heterosexual because he reads tabloids. (Evidently, only gay people do that sorta thing.)

When fans called Taylor out for his blatantly antigay rhetoric, the 40-year-old claimed he can’t be homophobic because 50 percent of his friends are gay. Not to mention, Lance Bass officiated his wedding!

Now, Gay Twitter™ has had about enough. Many are calling out Taylor directly on his page…

Others are calling on Lisa Vanderpump and Bravo to drop him from the show…

So far, neither Bravo nor Lisa Vanderpump, who claims to be an LGBTQ ally, have issued any comment on Taylor’s homophobic outburst.

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