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Gay Twitter™ is not here for this popular eSports player’s homophobia

ESports giant FaZe Clan sent out an innocuous post on Twitter acknowledging Pride month, and team member FaZe Virus came out of the woodwork in a since-deleted tweet to let people know he is NOT with that gay stuff.

The statement stirred up immediate controversy, with some are voicing their support of the streamer. His fans cited both his Islamic faith and Saudi Arabian law as reasons he can’t support the queer community.

It’s unclear what law these people are referencing in their assumption that any vague ally-ship is illegal in Saudi Arabia, nor is it clear why the streamer needed to comment on the initial post at all. After all, it’s doubtful that anyone would target him for a tame statement released by this gaming organization with over a hundred partners.

Many voiced their displeasure with Virus’ statement, criticizing his justification of homophobia through religion as well as general toxicity within gaming spaces.

It should be noted that queer Muslim people who practice their faith along with their sexuality exist throughout the world, making the justification for FaZe Virus’ statement even that much thinner.

Neither Virus nor any official FaZe Clan channels have addressed his statement further at time of writing.

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