Gay TX High-Schooler Allowed To Wear Dress To Graduation. Um…Yay?

Waller High School has changed its mind and is allowing Brandon Navarro to wear a dress to his upcoming graduation ceremony.

Initially,  Navarro said a teacher  told him he’d have to cut his flowing locks, ditch the makeup and earrings and wear men’s clothing if he wanted to pick up his sheepskin.

 “She was like you know you’re gonna have to cut your hair right?” said Navarro.“I said well they didn’t tell me anything about that. It hasn’t been an issue all year. Why is it an issue now?”

Navarro and his mother met with the principal , who agreed to let the openly gay senior wear a form-fitting dress to the event, but no Louboutins or Maybelline.

Honestly, if Navarro was a trans girl, we’d feel a lot more strongly about this. But there’s no indication he identifies as a woman: he says he’s a “cross-dresser” who just enjoys wearing women’s clothes. We enjoy wearing shorts and sandals but don’t expect that would fly at church or a five-star restaurant.

There’s no sin in having a dress code, so long as it respects different forms of gender—not personal preference.

Besides, don’t graduates wear those long, shapeless robes anyway—who’s gonna know what he has on underneath?