Gay UK Man Forced To Disclose HIV-Positive Status At Job Center

Jayce CarberryThe staff at a UK employment office allegedly forced a gay man to announce he was HIV-positive in front of fellow jobseekers.

Jayce Carberry, 22, claims employees at a job center in Maidstone, Kent, humiliated him about his status. One advisor even warned Carberry he might have to disclose to any staffers he encountered.

“His  reply was, ‘I’ll have to speak to my legal team to see if we have to disclose your HIV status to any members of the staff you come into contact with in this building,’” Carberry told the BBC.

The encounter left Carberry speechless. “For somebody to make a comment like that, it just takes you all the way back to the beginning [when] your self-esteem is shattered,” he said. In a blog post about the incident, Carberry revealed he had lost a job at a hair salon because the owner was concerned about having him near scissors.

The Department for Work and Pensions is investigating the allegations—and maintains that job seekers are not required to declare medical conditions when collecting unemployment or filling out applications.


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  • 2eo

    Disgraceful, absolutely abhorrent behaviour from the DWP. Nobody should be forced into mentioning anything like this. Hell I was pissed when I lost my job years ago and had to publically go into detail about my contact dermatitis. Let alone a lifetime illness that is often fatal and has a stigma attached to it.

    There’s also no precedent or need for such a public disclosure, you are afforded every right under data protection to not have to do this, it’s just horrible how the DWP feel they can bully those out of work.

  • Chad Hunt

    Disgraceful. He should sue as well as sue his ex employer.

  • Tommysole

    This is terrible behavior on the part of a government, that I always thought, should have risen ABOVE such abhorrent behavior decades ago!

  • jwrappaport

    What’s his legal recourse in the UK? I’ll get my barrister’s wig ready…

  • paulcarmer

    errr did you guys read his blog? I think the guy is making up so many stories. He’s an escort, (sell his body for sex), he has just come out from prison and unemployed. I bet his looking for money! I dont believe him

  • jwrappaport

    @paulcarmer: Seriously? Even if what you say is true, it changes nothing. Not only is it perfectly legal for him to be an escort in the UK, but he’s also paid his debt to society and is a free man. If nothing else, reserve judgment until after the facts are revealed.

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