Sticks and Stones

Gay Vandals Take Matters Into Their Own Hands and Hit Church

There was a time in the not-so-long-ago past when activists were more willing to take action, sometimes violent action, against those they felt were at fault in some way. But for the past decade or so it has seemed that more peaceful and non-violent tactics have prevailed. But ever since the Occupy Movement took hold last year, it seems that people have been rediscovering their passion for physical involvement.

Most recently, we told you about a group of ACT UP protestors who teamed up with a group of Occupy Wall Street members who were recently arrested for their actions. But another group in Oregon went even further in their attempts to gain attention and protest the homophobic policies of a conservative church in southeast Portland and smashed 100-year-old stained glass windows, according to local news sources.

Allegedly, six vandals dressed in black broke in and caused the damage to the Mars Hill Church. The Seattle-based church is known as unwavering in its beliefs that gay people are sinners.

“It saddens us that some folks feel they had to vandalize our space to be heard. But we wish them no ill will,” lead pastor Tim Smith told the local media.

Others in the LGBT community used this as a teachable moment and helped clean up the mess. As Rev. Nathan Meckley, of the gay-friendly Metropolitan Community Church, said: “The fact that we are actually meeting with one another and know one another, I feel, sincerely, that we are beginning to understand one another in a completely different way.”