Aloha Husbands

Gay Veterans Get Hawaii Wedding Surprise

A gay veteran couple was surprised with the wedding of their dreams with the help of the Hawaii Visitors and Conventions Bureau, and it’ll give you all the feels.

24-year-old Christian Alarid and 27-year-old Shayne Barnes were contacted by HVCB to do a photoshoot shortly after they got engaged. After they arrived, Alarid was the first to find out and let Barnes know that today was the big day…if he was still into it.

Thankfully he was, and with the help of local vendors and Alaska Airlines, their families came together to watch the two vets join in wedded bliss.

Watch the video below, and when you cry, tell yourself it’s because you’re so moved by the ceremony and not because you realize two twenty-somethings just got married and your New Year’s Eve hookup still hasn’t returned your text.