Gay Videos Offend Christian Techie

A man in Arlington, VA who runs his own video duplication service has a company policy that he reserves the right not to duplicate any videos that violate his “Christian and ethical values.” Unfortunately, such a policy violates Arlington County’s anti-discrimination law, and when a woman wanted to duplicate some gay-themed videos (not porn, as far as we can tell) and he would not copy them, she complained to the Human Rights Commission and he was ordered to provide the service. Now he is suing the officials on the Commission on the grounds that Virginia state law does not allow for sexual orientation to be added to anti-discrimination laws.

We think that Christian video duplicators could be a phenomenon. Recently we were in a rural town in central Florida where we had to have some videos duplicated, and we found the one place in town where we could have it done, which was in a little shed behind this family’s house. We pulled into their driveway behind their van covered with “Bush/Cheney 2004” stickers and walked inside. Immediately the woman helping us (who was very sweet) began talking about “my church this, my church that,” perhaps sensing we could use a little bit of help from Jesus to straighten us out on our path. Fortunately our videos had no gay kissing or anything in them or we perhaps could have ended up in a similar situation as the woman in Virginia.

Christian businessman ordered to duplicate gay video sues [Washington Blade]