Gay Viruses, Trans-Rockers, and Ghost Lovers: 5 Q! Films The Islamic Protesters Don’t Want You To See

I wanted to know why those Islamic hardliners at the Q! Film Festival in Jakarta even bothered harassing particpants. Sure it’s held in a largely Islamic country, but there must be greater threats to Islam — the Great Satan perhaps? A little pink celluloid from a nine-year-old film festival couldn’t hurt anybody. Then after looking at the festival’s line-up I finally understood. Five of the films look particularly awesome and if you saw them you’d probably just start blabbing to your straight pals and getting other folks interested in seeing them too. Of course when you have movies with ghost lovers in Switzerland, a fearless Brazilian trans-rocker, and a Japanese virus that turns straight men gay, how can anyone be expected to keep quiet about it?

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  • Dan

    All the Islamic Defenders Front is inspiring is for artists around the world to start drawing millions of pictures of historic figure Mohammad. If they aren’t going to respect other people’s rights, then they shouldn’t expect people around the globe to respect their religion at all. They have harmed Islam more than helped it, hopefully moderate and progressive Muslims will hold them in check.

  • MrDivaBitch

    We should do videos for youtube where we take a dump and then use pages of the koran as toilet paper.

  • alam

    Don’t blame the religion. it’s the misleading organization, blame them.
    Blame the narrow minded people behind this. Don’t be another shallow minded and act stupid like drawing Muhammad or make fun of Kuran.

  • MrDivaBitch


    You obviously don’t know Islam much, there might be some moderate muslims but the religion itself is NOT moderate, islam extremism is true islam as taught by Mohammed.

  • alam


    Do you know Islam?

    If you ask me. I know Islam. I was born in a moslem family. Went to a moslem school since kindergarten till junior high school. And I learn Bible from my friends when am at the hugh school. I learn Buddhist when am at college. And I still love Islam as my religion.

    if you ask me. I believe I was born to be a gay. I’m a MOSLEM GAY in Indonesia. And am proud of it.

    If you ask me. I’m one of the committee for Q! Film Festival for the past 4 years. yes, I’m part of the queer people who run this event. and yes, if you look at the poster of Q! Film Festival at this page, it was from the last year Fest and I am the who design it. I’m designing the poster for the Fest 3 years in a row.

    If you ask me. almost 60% of the committee are moslem. and yes, we had FACE TO FACE to what the call their self as Islamic Defender Organization.

    You are not here. you are not us. you don’t know what it feels to be us. Till today we have to fight for OUR RIGHTS. to be different. proud to be different because WE ARE ALL HUMAN. but we are not fight against them with hate. because we are here don’t wanna be one of them.

  • Dan

    You cannot bargain with religious leaders who force their religion onto human beings. They are violating religious freedom by forcing their version of religion onto others. Stand up for yourself or they will trample you. The ones that force religion are already hypocrites, evil, greedy, powerhungry and corrupt. Don’t be the victim. The gay and allied community should not put up with this at all. Being a religious leader doesn’t save your ass from being punished for mass human rights violations. Given current technology and skills of the gay and allied community no region on Earth should be violating the human rights of the gay and allied community, much less forcing their version of religion onto people.

  • tallskin2

    @Alam – I support you one hundred per cent in your fight against the bigots of the FSI, from here in atheist England.

    And I wish I were there with you to help out.

    But please, please, don’t expect me to support or endorse your absurd belief in a non existent sky pixie called allah.

    And further, it is no accident that the FSI claim to be muslims, extreme or not. The muslim religion is homophobic deep to its roots. The only countries in the world that have the death penalty for gay sex acts are ALL muslim. So, please don’t treat us like idiots, as gays we know too much about islam for us not to be scared shitless by that religion.

    It is no accident that the most bigoted and anti-gay people here in Europe and the US are christians. And they use their religion as justification for their anti-gay attitudes, just as the anti gay bigots in indonesia use islam. But they can use islam and christianity because those religions are intensely anti-gay. If they weren’t anti gay then they wouldn’t be able to use them to justify their anti gay attitudes, would they?

    Show me where in the Koran, or bible, where it says it is ok to be gay?

    All the sky pixie religions from the middle east, judiasm, islam and christianity are intensely homophobic. Indeed homophobia here in the West didn’t start until christianity became the state religion of the roman empire.

    You see Alam, when you say you are gay and at the same time are proud to be muslim that seems to me like you are a slave kissing his master’s feet, enjoying being beaten by his master and worshipping the master who enslaved him in the first place.

    In Indonesia, which was originally Buddhist, you have there a great tradition of tolerance and, to be frank, a NICE religion. Why not abandon the horrid religion of islam and choose buddhism instead? (not that I think buddhism is any more true than islam, christianity of judaism)

  • tallskin2

    Oh and a nice little news item I’ve just found about women being whipped in Indonesia because they had the gall to sell food during Ramadan!!

    Is this extreme or normal islam punishing these women in this barbaric manner? – it’s obviously normal islam, not extreme.

    The two women were found guilty of selling food during the fasting hours of Ramadan, thereby violating Islamic sharia law.
    Hundreds of people gathered to watch as Murni Amris, 27, received three lashes and Rukiah Abdullah, 22, received two at a mosque in the city of Jantho, southeast of the provincial capital, Banda Aceh, Indonesia

    “The two women were found selling rice in a stall at noon during Ramadan. The sharia forbids selling food during fasting hours at Ramadan,” said Marzuki Abdullah, Aceh’s sharia police head.
    Ms Amris owned the food stall where Ms Abdullah was selling the rice.

    Muslims are supposed to fast from dawn to dusk during the holy month of Ramadan, which took place during August and September this year, but there are exceptions in cases such as illness or pregnancy.

    Aceh, on the northern tip of Sumatra island, is one of several areas of Muslim-majority Indonesia where Islamic sharia laws have been adopted.

    The conservative province passed a law last year that imposes death by stoning on Muslim adulterers and a law under which homosexuality is punishable by long prison terms.

  • Roger

    the muslim ‘faith’ is a cancer…

  • Andre

    Christianity itself forbids Gays and does not respect Gays, and you talk about Islam are not respect your right… go back and study your facts.

  • Andre

    @Dan: Christianity itself forbids Gays and does not respect Gays, and you talk about Islam are not respecting your rights… so, i suggest you go back and study your facts.

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